Battle scars (part 1)


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* Gurtash was wounded by a spectral assassin here and had been unconscious ever since he was rushed back to Orgrimmar.


Monday mailbag
Monday mailbag

6 Responses to Battle scars (part 1)

  1. Cygnia says:

    ((Oh, that’s some nice shading work there!))

  2. Mirembe says:

    What?! You mean I JUST missed Gurtash waking up?! DAMN IT! I…uh….I mean…darn it? I can hear Battlewail already yelling at you, Sir. Sorry!

  3. Sarlin says:

    (( Woo hoo! ))

  4. khizzara says:

    hahaha! Resto for Dummies! I could have used that when I was just starting out.


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