This is gonna hurt…


…but I guess I might as well just pull the bandage off instead of picking at it.

Maybe. Ugh.

So, okay. After the way things went down with Gurtash, and the braintrust tailing him, Eitrigg had one of those rare moments when he had an idea I actually agreed with. Eventually. Begrudgingly.

So, yeah, let’s get this over with.

In light of his — hold the presses — good work the other day, and stepping up to make the save with Gurtash… I’ve decided… been persuaded… to give Scout Utvoch… a promotion.

To Grunt.

Which probably isn’t even as big a deal as it might sound, seeing as Scout is the entry-level Horde military rank, and Utvoch’s been a scout for like eleven years. Which is sort of the military equivalent of repeating your freshman in high school until you’re 27. Although if you happen to be THIS hypothetical freshman, it… never mind. TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE.

ANYWAY, point is, I guess this is maybe overdue anyway.


You know, if you overlook the crashing incompetence.


So, yeah, grats, Utvoch.

Fuck. Now I have to figure out which one of the Wonder Twins he is.

Adult supervision recommended
The Great Noblegarden Easter Egg Hunt!

4 Responses to This is gonna hurt…

  1. Sintra E'Drien says:

    Dear Warchief! Your recent adventures have left me extremely concerned for your health (both physical and mental). I beg you, please do not do yourself an injury. Many lives are depending upon your sanity . . . . Perhaps if I arranged some Thalassian Brandy to relieve your stress?

  2. Cygnia says:

    ((My Tauren wears his Scout title with pride, since he actually earned it back in the day in Vanilla. Nevermind the fact I hate PVP… 😉 ))

  3. A Concerned Citizen says:

    Tattoo “D” on one’s forehead, and “U” on the other. By definition, “D” would then be Dontrag, and “U” would be Utvoch.

    • Sarlin says:

      That may not work, though. If my memory serves me well, Dontrag and Utvoch can be confused to the point of not even THEM knowing which one they are.


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