Kypari Zar







Kypari Zar
Monday GUEST mailbag: Spazzle

10 Responses to Kypari Zar

  1. Cygnia says:

    ((TOO SOON~!!!)) 😉

    • Garrosh Hellscream says:

      ((True story: the timing of this post ended up being a funny (?) coincidence — this whole Kypari Zar arc has been pretty much planned and scripted for literally over a year. (A lot over, in fact!) Utterly by chance that it would happen to go live right after… well, you know.

      That said, by the way… Vol’jin killed after being stabbed in the back by a demon during a Burning Legion invasion? WCB got there first!))

      • ((Don’t worry no one stays dead, Broken Shore spoilers incoming if you somehow managed to avoid them this long, I am betting that Vol’jin comes back as a ghost at some part with a spirit army or something. Seems like a too lazy way to get rid of him- Hey mon’ I got stabbed and the spirits say Sylvanas should be da Warchief now, ok bye *dying noise.))

  2. Lantresor of the Blade says:

    Humph, so the troll leader didn’t die after all. It’s a shame I didn’t come to you sooner, Warchief. Had I gone after him, he would have been dead for good.

  3. Sarlin says:

    (( Ordinarily, I’d be like “OH HEEEEY!” but now I’m just all -.- ))


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