Meanwhile, outside…





* Faranell locked himself into a closed time loop at the end of the Anti-Plague of Southshore storyline (and explained what he’d done to Garrosh here), which set off the events of the subsequent Timequake arc. He also discussed his experience of the loop with Garrosh and Liadrin last time.



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8 Responses to Meanwhile, outside…

  1. repgrind says:

    YES! Go Edwin <3

  2. Ritaba says:

    Garrosh, I think you have some serious competition for biggest badass still moving.

  3. Taktani says:

    Yay, Dr Zombie!

  4. Shablam!! you go Dr. Zombie!!

  5. A Concerned Citizen says:

    That, I think, is the most succinct summary of Malkorok’s character that I’ve ever heard.


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