Burning bridges




* Mokvar and Deliana met with Magatha in Onyxia’s lair here; Magatha agreed to help Mokvar enhance his elemental powers enough to survive a trip to the Firelands.



[A quick OOC programming note — just a reminder to everyone, this Saturday (September 13) will be our next Meta raid! As always, be watching for me on Battlenet around 8:00 PM EDT for our monthly Flex raid of Siege of Orgrimmar (and/or some other random shenanigans). All are welcome; feel free to add Averry#1116 if you haven’t already. Hope to see many of you there!]

[…Edited, because I find my link-backs work better when I actually link them.  Oops.]

Collateral damage
The enemy of my enemy

7 Responses to Burning bridges

  1. Cygnia says:

    *gets popcorn*

  2. Ritaba says:

    I think I can see his balls from here.

  3. Oh, the anticipation!

    (Nice ducking there Shay!)

  4. Magatha….and this traitorous scribe calls himself a member of the Horde without dismembering her?! *stamps hoof and snorts angrily* I would gladly offer you my sword and show you what a real warrior would do in her presence!

  5. MGT says:

    Wait. You mean to tell me I-I mean she was played by this…scribe? This is what we get for trusting filthy greenskins! Cairne was too blind to see it before his unfortunate death at your hands!


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