The enemy of my enemy




* Garona intervened to protect Mokvar when he was being attacked by spectral assassins here, after his meeting with Neeru Fireblade.

** Mokvar had this exchange with Deliana on the way out of Onyxia’s lair, having just struck his deal with Magatha Grimtotem.


* Spazzle reported on Mokvar’s rather tense debriefing with Eitrigg here.

** After Mokvar broke arrest and fled Orgrimmar with Deliana, he arranged to meet with Spazzle in Everlook. Spazzle detailed their meeting in Winterspring here.



Burning bridges
In which Ji has kind of a rough week

12 Responses to The enemy of my enemy

  1. Ritaba says:

    Wham bam, Magatha got slammed.

  2. khizzara says:

    Why did I ever doubt you, Mokvar! <3

  3. Cygnia says:

    That grin of Garrosh’s needs to be on a t-shirt. 😀

  4. Sintra E'Drien says:

    ((Indeed, I’m (a bit) surprised that there wasn’t a shiny sparkle * reflecting off his ivory grin.))

  5. It appears Mokvar is much more crafty than anyone had assumed. If he had not abandoned the way of the Shaman for fel magic, I am sure he would fit right in with the Shado-Pan.


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