Those who fight monsters (part 2)



Those who fight monsters (part 1)
Those who fight monsters (part 3)

8 Responses to Those who fight monsters (part 2)

  1. That is a frick-load amount of work you put into this comic today. Well done Gurtash!

  2. khizzara says:

    Never, ever monologue, silly Fel-Tirion!

  3. Alayea says:

    I present ta y’all mah “Fel” Tirion! Ain’t he hideously cute? ~_^

  4. Highlord Tirion Fordring says:

    You all may rest quite easily and comfortably to know that not once have I supped at the table of the demonic arts. Who but the Burning Legion could benefit from such foolishness? I hope all of you take the lesson of this comic to heart regarding the use of such foul magic!

    What was that, Ashbringer? You wish for me to go to the Scarlet Crusade’ s bastion in Tirisfal? Yes…I will do that.

    (OOC: Pardon my language, but I think all of us on that quest at one point or another have thought it… FUCK THAT PIT LORD! The fel puppies always eat my enslave and he smacks me dead in one go! *nutpunches Kanrethad for cheap tricks*)


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