Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

Doing some gaming…


So yeah, still not feeling so great about the last few days. I’ve been mostly keeping to the war room so I don’t need to deal with people, and luckily Spazzle set up some kind of special connection for me (“why fly”? or something like that) so I can still use the internet in here without having to come out. This way I can still have some more time to myself but still have a little contact with the outside world. Just…safe contact. Like without having to be the Warchief and shit, I can just be Garrosh, without people even knowing it’s Garrosh.

I’ve mostly been playing Earth Online some more. For anyone who was wondering, I decided to go with the veterinarian character. For now, anyway. I’ll probably roll a couple other characters just to try things out. Maybe the mechanic I was talking about before, or an accountant or teacher or something. Plus if I make a new character, it won’t be so easy for Spazzle to find me online…he keeps popping on and sending me these little comments about how much time I seem to be spending on the game, and how I should maybe be getting back to my normal routine, and whatever. Maybe a quick post here will get him off my back.

So I think I mentioned before how they really went all out to work up the backstory for the game world, and have things going on with the NPCs to really give it this living feel like…well, like you’re really in a WORLD. Right now they’ve got all these little world events and mini-quests going on for some big event in the next patch where there’s going to be a new faction leader chosen. Well, maybe. It could end up being the same guy. But there’s also these other mini-bosses who’ve been vying for the chance to take him on. Not sure if it’s going to be some kind of ritual combat like a mak’gora or something, or what. As it stands, the faction leader they have now is still pretty new. Apparently the last guy was some stupid, war-mongering idiot who stumbled around mangling words and starting fights all over the place. Now there’s this new guy who’s all serious and hates conflict and takes himself way too seriously and has this HUGE messianic complex like he’s some kind of savior. Fuck, can you imagine having a run of back-to-back faction leaders like that? Good thing it’s just a fucking game.

Anyway…I’m going to go log on again for a little bit. I’ll try to get back to my regular posts. Keep the questions coming for next week’s mailbag and I’ll try to answer as many as I can next time around!