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Where’s Garrosh?


Spazzle posting again.

It’s been two more days and still no sign of Garrosh. I know there’s a lot of activity going on here with patrols being sent out to look for him, but I’m not really one of the folks in the know, so I’m afraid there’s a limit to how many details I can fill in for you all. I’ll try to bring you up to date the best I can, though.

Mostly I’ve just been able to pick up little bits and pieces when I’ve been around Grommash Hold. Everyone’s acting pretty tense and worried. I know that Krog and Mokvar came in yesterday for a big debriefing, and there’s a rumor that Garona was brought back to Orgrimmar late last night. There’ve been a lot of wild rumors going around about the Twilight’s Hammer forces in Silithus and the attack on Garona and her forces. Who knows what’s actually happening there.

The big development’s been going on today, though. I’m still not too clear on the details, but it looks like Eitrigg’s arranged a major gathering at Grommash Hold. And I mean major. Word is, Baine Bloodhoof arrived from Thunder Bluff this morning, and word in the Valley of Spirits is that Vol’jin is on his way later today. What’s more, just a short while ago I saw the Eastern Kingdoms zeppelin arrive, loaded with royal guards – it was Sylvanas Windrunner coming to Orgrimmar, along with some blood elf guy I didn’t really recognize. He’s probably one of her advisors, I guess.

I don’t really know anything for sure at this point, but there are rumors flying all over that Eitrigg’s called for a conference of Horde leaders to appoint an acting Warchief until they find Garrosh. Or…well…I guess an acting acting Warchief. (Acting^2 Warchief?) I’ve been trying to find out something definite, but nobody’s really giving me any straight answers right now.



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