Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

The damn meme thing, sort of


By this point you’ve probably seen this “6th of 6th” picture-sharing meme that’s been going around the web and spreading like wildfire. A few days ago, Rades from Orcish Army Knife (Which, by the way, would be a sword. An orcish army knife would be a huge frigging sword.) tagged me for this thing, which means now I’m supposed to make a post where I go into the sixth subdirectory of my screenshots folder, and post the sixth image.

Now, I knew Earth Online was a pretty popular game, but I didn’t realize it was so widespread that the whole blogosphere could work under the assumption that EVERYBODY was playing it and would have a screenshots folder. Only problem is, I don’t actually take screenshots of my Earth Online gaming. So what I guess I’ll do is use some of my own personal pictures since that’s pretty much all I’ve got. (Also, I have to ask – the sixth subdirectory? People actually have six subdirectories? Of their screenshots? People take that many screenshots AND get that organized about it? You know where I have every single picture of any kind on my whole computer? In one folder. Called “Pictures.” The end. Do you people ever go outside?)

Anyway, counting down to the sixth picture, we get this little gem:


I took this one when I was flying through Loch Modan a long time ago, around the time we were first setting up shop in Twilight Highlands with the Dragonmaw. It was at Ironband’s Excavation Site. I just thought the statue here was kind of cool-looking. Funny thing is, there actually is an Earth Online tie-in here. The random statue gets referenced in the game in a major way – there’s a big huge giant version of the exact same statue that’s a major landmark in one of the main cities, which is kind of a cool mini-reference for anybody who would actually notice it. Like I’ve said before, they do a lot of referencing like that in the game, which is kind of fun to spot.

So…I’m also supposed to pick six more people to “tag” for this meme thing, but I’ve kind of got a problem. At this point, this meme has been going on for a while, and I’m not sure if there are many people left who haven’t done it.  I’ve been going through the blogs I keep an eye on, and for the life of me I can’t find THREE that haven’t done this already, much less six. So…as much as this might be a cop-out, I’m just going to issue a general tagging – if you’re reading this, and you blog, and you haven’t done this thing yet, well, guess what? You’re tagged. DON’T THINK I WON’T KNOW IF YOU IGNORE YOUR WARCHIEF’S DRAFT NOTICE.

Anyway, while I have my picture folder open, I figured I’d also put this one out there. And since I’m dancing around the standard meme requirement by issuing a blanket tagging, I figure, what the hell, here’s another blanket “tagging” for everyone else to work on right here on-site (or on-blog, or whatever). Extra picture below, of me and Saurfang back in Northrend – all that’s missing is a caption.


Caption away, my minions – the comments section awaits!