Daily Archives: May 6, 2012



A little piece of handy advice to all of you, so you can maybe avoid repeating some of my mistakes. If you have older relatives who aren’t really aware of the internet, and they seem pretty content to carry on not knowing much about it, seriously, don’t try to bring them into the digital age. Yeah, there might be that one site you know of that they might find interesting. Doesn’t matter. Think big picture. It will only bring you pain.

My mom was dimly aware of the internet, I mean she knew what it was, pretty much, and had heard of some of the major things like Facebook and Twitter and ebAH. And so I had the bright idea that I could sit her down and show her how to navigate. Hoo boy, was that a bad idea.

You know, when you’re below a certain age, you really forget that things like folder hierarchies, left clicking, right clicking, double clicking, point-and-fucking-clicking are just kind of things you’ve internalized because you pretty much grew up with them. Having to explain them to someone who doesn’t quite get how a mouse works? Crap. It’s like, do you need me to talk you through using a fork, too?

I mean I love my mom and I’m glad she’s back and all, but… Ugh.

Also while I was showing her the web, I had the bright idea to show her the blog as an example, and she was all happy that I’m still writing, but…now she knows about the blog. So now I’m going to have to be thinking of my mother looking in here and worrying about if I should be watching my fucking language or some shit like that.