Daily Archives: August 25, 2012

More eye candy


The last few days (while I’ve been recovering from my latest round of WTFs) I’ve had Spazzle sorting through more of the photos that you all have been sending in, and incorporating them into the blog. There’s still a ton left for him to work on, so you can expect more pics to break up the walls of text every so often. Thanks as always to everyone who’s been sending in pictures to help pimp out the Command Board — and remember, there are still a ton of posts that either have no pictures at all, or could still benefit from some extra illustration (a caption-friendly pic for some of the transcripts would be especially cool, I think). So, you have your homework — get out there!

In the meantime, here’s credit-where-it’s-due for the folks who’ve had their contributions added the last couple of days:


Angelya from Revive and Rejuvenate:


Regular reader and commenter Eravia:


Khizzara from Blog of the Treant:


Rioriel from Postcards From Azeroth:


Regular reader and commenter ZugZug:


And finally, a bunch more of my own that I’ve added to:


Finally, one last shout out to Rioriel for the header picture on this post, which totally doesn’t connect to the actual content of the post in any way, but I can’t really think of a way to use it anywhere else and it’s just too damn awesome not to put on the blog somewhere, because SRSLY LOOK AT THAT SHIT.

One last note — last call for your contributions to this coming Monday’s mailbag. Remember, last time I asked all you Earth Online pet owners to write in with pictures of your in-game companion pets. If you haven’t yet (AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, DON’T THINK I DON’T), hurry up and get to it! And as always, general letters and questions for your Warchief are always welcome. Send (d) all the above to garrosh1337@gmail.com — YOUR WARCHIEF DEMANDS IT!