Daily Archives: December 14, 2012

Death of the author


Just a quick update today. Lots going on, and my attention is needed in a dozen different places at once, partly for reasons that will be obvious in a minute. So let’s get to the main news item.

Late last night, Mokvar was killed.

Damn good thing he’s a shaman, right? Those ankhs come in handy. So, he’s up and living again – still injured, though, and more than a little shaken up.

Details are still sketchy. After yesterday’s strategy session, Mokvar had gone to see Ji Firepaw in the Valley of Honor. Ji went with Mokvar back top the Drag, which is kind of a sketchy part of town to get caught in late at night. As it happens, it was a lucky thing Ji was around, because Mokvar having Ji fighting beside him probably made the difference between Mokvar ankhing his way home and winding up getting double-tapped. Because whoever it was apparently knew Mokvar is a shaman, and waited for him to pop up again.

We don’t know much about the attackers, other than there being more than one. It was dark and there weren’t any witnesses that we know of other than Mokvar and Ji. All we really know is that Mokvar was jumped by two or three dark figures – definitely humanoid, but cloaked in shadow enough that nobody seems to be able to pin down many details – and that Mokvar and Ji were able to fight them off until they fled. With a good-guy death and rebirth mixed in there for good measure.

I’m having Malkorok look into this business personally. In the meantime, while Mokvar is recovering, I’m having a Kor’kron guard assigned to his house. Whoever this was, they’re still on the loose, and I’m not leaving anything to chance.

And in the meantime-meantime…now I need to find myself a temporary scribe. Right when I’d finally gotten the first one broken in and everything. Why does this kind of inconvenient crap always happen to ME?