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One last quick followup to the whole Pandaren Noodle Festival thing from the other day (where, I’ll have you know, my spicy talbuk noodles went over pretty damn well before D&U-plus-one managed to fall ass-backwards into a new and better form of post-felweed munchie food).

One thing from the festival that I’ve had rattling around in the ol’ noggin ever since then was when Ji was telling us about some Pandaren cooking contest called Iron Chef, and then Mokvar chimed in with the idea of doing our own version called Iron Horde Chef. Among some other possible names he kind of stumbled his way through. Which just goes to show you that Mokvar didn’t have the good sense to recognize the one real winner and latch onto it, which ONCE AGAIN shows you why yours truly is in charge around here.

Anyhow, the point of this isn’t the cooking contest thing, but that idea Mokvar had for a name. Because seriously, how badass does “Iron Horde” sound? IF YOU WERE THINKING “EXTREMELY BADASS, GARROSH,” THEN CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE CORRECT. And so, even though Shayari thought she was being funny with her little comment about rebranding, JOKE’S ON YOU, DOELING, because that’s exactly what I went and looked into. BECAUSE HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT SOUND, SERIOUSLY? Had a talk with Eitrigg this afternoon about how a name change would work in the books. And, hey, let me finish it this way, seeing as I’m still in kind of an EPIC VERSEy kind of mood after that last mailbag


I took it to my numbers guy and left him really pensive
To wrack his brain and make a try at changes so extensive,
So sweeping, spanning, nationwide, systemic, comprehensive,
That if they ever were applied, the win would be intensive.
I rallied reasons that I scried and argued in defense of
My badass plan, but woe betide: old man’s counteroffensive:
The filing, fees, and forms beside, red tape you can’t make sense of
Reveal the fact, can’t be denied — that shit ain’t inexpensive.



I mean, you wouldn’t think changing over all the stationery and business cards would cost that much, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. And that’s not even figuring in little miss you-know-who’s latest shopping trip.

Dammit, Eitrigg. Guess I better toss a few more Brawler’s Guild invites up on the AH.

More soon.

The sincerest form of flattery
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Valinora Lightshorn
Valinora Lightshorn
March 15, 2016 8:49 pm

You’d be surprised. Pretty sure King V was trying to do something similar a while back, but heck, he’s still saving for repairs on the park.

March 15, 2016 10:33 pm

((Oh god, WE funded the rise of the Iron Horde with our damn glorified gladiatorial glee! (Sorry, the alliteration got away from me there at the end.) Now I ride the Mushan of shame!))

Glessee Sparkbolt
Glessee Sparkbolt
March 16, 2016 8:58 pm

So Big G, you’re thinkin’ of rebrandin’ the Horde? I know a goblin over in the slums who would make a GREAT publicist to push this along and help willing Horde citizens adjust to your name change. Ya heard of that aggressive marketin’ campaign for New Kaja’Cola with Maxx Avalanche in those kickin’ sunglasses? All her work. Plus it beats the hell outta that pug-ape-mechagnome thing the gnomes came up with for some new Crimson Steer flavors.