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[And so, now that I’ve teased you all with a plot point I’ve been ham-fistedly foreshadowing literally for years… BREAK TIME! As I noted at the end of the last mailbag, I’m going to be taking a blogging break for a few weeks, partly to work on getting a jump on the next stretch of posts, and partly to steel myself for what’s always a pretty busy summer work schedule. With that in mind, here are a few notes and dates for those of you who are already chomping at the bit for more Garroshy goodness (“Dammit, Averry, you only JUST got back to blogging consistently again!”)…

The blog will return to action on Monday, July 18, with a guest mailbag from Shayari. (I know I originally said July 11, but I decided to push it back one week for work reasons.) I’ve already received a few letters for her mailbag; keep ’em coming so she has plenty to respond to!

Also, since Shay’s guest mailbag will take us toward mid-July already, and Garrosh will be pretty busy when the blog returns to action, Shayari’s post will cover us, mailbag-wise, through August. Garrosh will be back for a mailbag of his own on Monday, September 5. By all means, be getting those letters in, or at least be mulling over what kinds of lunacy you might want to send his way as the fall draws closer.

In the intervening time, I’ll still be responding to blog comments and messages, and of course I’ll still be engaged in my usual Twitter shenanigans.

As always, thanks to everyone for reading, writing, commenting, tweeting, breathing, and, y’know, just plain being you. Look at me trying to be nice. (It only burns a little.)

Have a great early summer! See you all soon.

(Metaphorically. I can’t really see you. OR CAN I?)]


Speak the devil's name
Monday GUEST mailbag: Shayari
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June 8, 2016 1:45 pm

(( Aaargh! The suspense is KILLING ME! ))

Shen Wei Pureblossom
Shen Wei Pureblossom
June 9, 2016 12:48 am

((Muahahahaha! That is a lovely note to end on for the summer sabbatical. Then again, I have always said you wear evil particularly well, Averry.))

Briyanna Soleilin (@BriyannaSL)
July 14, 2016 8:30 pm

… Why are you going there? Why aren’t you listening to the warnings you were given?
Choose carefully, Warchief… I don’t like the look of the dark road you’re on, and have a feeling it has more poisonous thorns than even you can ward off…

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