All my troubles seemed so far away


Okay, so remember what I was saying about not wanting any more complications? Yeah, I should probably know better by now than to say shit like that. Mokvar, Faranell, and Utvoch just got back from burying the bodies of those Alliance adventurers. At least THAT much went off without a hitch. After they got back, though, Mokvar hit me with the first wrinkle in this whole plan – apparently, back in the day, HE was one of the orcs being held in Durnholde Keep along with Thrall, which could cause the tiny little problem that if he goes there, he runs the risk of…like…running into himself, and…I don’t even know what that would do to the timeline. Liadrin could probably explain it, seeing as she actually seems to understand this timey-whimey crap, but who has the patience, right? Bottom line is, we have Mokvar troubles.

Oh, but the Mokvar business isn’t even the biggest fucking-up-the-timeline issue we have to deal with. Oh no, we’ve got ANOTHER wrinkle to deal with that will make you wish you could go back to the happy-go-lucky headaches of the Mokvar thing. Because check THIS out – it turns out our buddy Faranell has his OWN issues here. And in HIS case, they’re not even as straightforward as Mokvar’s crap. Because check out what the guys got blindsided by on their way back to town, keeping in mind that right now our boy Faranell looks just like he did back in his pre-undead human days…


Faranell, Mokvar, and Utvoch walk down the main street in Southshore, heading toward the inn.

UTVOCH: Wow, you really get EVERYTHING written down in that notebook of yours, huh?

MOKVAR: It’s actually not as hard as you would figure, once you work out a good shorthand system.

UTVOCH: You’ll have to show me sometime, that could come in pretty handy with the next class I take.

MOKVAR: Are you still working on those?

UTVOCH: Yeah, I have to repeat the last one what with them failing me when me and Dontrag handed in the same term paper.

MOKVAR: Wait, Dontrag?

UTVOCH: Yeah, I talked him into taking one of the classes with me, but then he got sick of the homework, and we tried to save time by splitting it up, and…

FARANELL: Wait, you mean it didn’t occur to you that they would notice if you both handed in the same paper for the same class?

UTVOCH: Well yeah, who’d figure they’d remember something like that?

FARANELL: I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to think Garrosh is heroically well-mannered…

MOKVAR: Heh, you should see when—

VOICE: <calling from behind the trio> Faranell!

Faranell, Mokvar, and Utvoch exchange quick puzzled looks before starting to turn.

MOKVAR: That can’t be good…

UTVOCH: What the…?

FARANELL: Crap, I think I know… <turning> Oh…um… Hey, Kel’Thuzad.

Kel’Thuzad of Dalaran, accompanied by Helcular, approach the group.

KEL’THUZAD: I thought I recognized you. Good to see you as always, Faranell, it’s been too long.

FARANELL: Um…yes, yes it has, Kel’Thuazd. Just…busy with research, you know how it is.

KEL’THUZAD: <nodding> All too well. I’ve been spending a fair bit of time away from Dalaran myself of late.

Faranell nods nervously while Mokvar and Utvoch edge a step behind him.

FARANELL: Right…so…

KEL’THUZAD: You’ve met Helcular?

HELCULAR: I don’t think so, as I remember.

UTVOCH: Isn’t he the guy that—

Mokvar elbows Utvoch, who (miraculously) shuts up.

FARANELL: No, um, we are meeting now for the first time. Yes…ahem…good to meet you, Helc—erm, that is…Hecklevar, you said your name was? Sorry, I, um, I’m not very good with names that I have never heard before today.

HELCULAR: Helcular.

FARANELL: Ah, okay, Hel-cu-lar. Got it. But, um, yes, nice to meet you.

KEL’THUZAD: And your friends here…?

FARANELL: Oh… Oh, yes… <looks back to Mokvar and Utvoch, then back to Kel’Thuzad> Introductions, yes… Um, well, Kel’Thuzad, this is… Movarius, and…Utley… Old friends of mine from Brill. Fellows, this is Kel’Thuzad, archmage of the Kirin Tor…

KEL’THUZAD: <nodding to them> Gentlemen.


MOKVAR: Archmage.

KEL’THUZAD: Are they also…students, Faranell? Were you bringing them for our meeting?

UTVOCH: Well no, not until next semest—OWW!

MOKVAR: I don’t. Think that’s. What he was talking about. Utley.

FARANELL: Our meeting…oh. Oh! <rubbing his chin nervously> Oh…crap…

KEL’THUZAD: Faranell?

FARANELL: Oh… Um, no, no, Kel’Thuzad, I just…um…

KEL’THUZAD: You seem upset. Is something wrong, my friend?

FARANELL: I… No, I… They’re not here for the meeting, Kel’Thuzad. I just happen to… Well, you see, we try to come to Southshore for a fishing trip every so often, just an old custom going back to when we were kids, you know…

KEL’THUZAD: I see. Why were you so distraught there for a moment, then?

FARANELL: Distraught?


FARANELL: Was I distraught?

KEL’THUZAD: You seemed it.

HELCULAR: You said “Oh crap” for some reason.


HELCULAR: Yes, you did.

KEL’THUZAD: That’s what I heard as well.

MOKVAR: <skimming notes> I have you down for “Oh crap” too, yeah.

FARANELL: Not. Helping.

KEL’THUZAD: Is something wrong?

FARANELL: Oh… Well, no, I guess I just said “Oh crap” because…well…I’d actually forgotten about our meeting. Was that…today? What’s the date today anyway?

HELCULAR: It’s the fourteenth.

FARANELL: <eyes go wide a moment> Oh no…the fourteenth… How did I not remember that was the day…

KEL’THUZAD: You did receive my letter, did you not?

FARANELL: Oh yes…I did… It was just…some time ago, and it slipped my mind entirely…

KEL’THUZAD: <chuckles> You’re as forgetful as always, my friend.

FARANELL: Well, yes. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately.

KEL’THUZAD: You should try to rest more. We can’t have you falling ill.

HELCULAR: What is you friend writing, by the way?


HELCULAR: Your friend’s been writing something down all this time.


Faranell turns to Mokvar, who’s still jotting things down in his notepad.

KEL’THUZAD: That is rather curious.

FARANELL: Oh…well…you see… Hmm. What are you writing, Movarius?


HELCULAR: You haven’t stopped writing for more than a few seconds at a time.

FARANELL: Yes, that is rather peculiar behavior for someone who isn’t doing anything conspicuous or out of the ordinary at all.

MOKVAR: Oh… Well…um…well, I’m a writer, you see.


MOKVAR: Yes… Well, a poet, actually.

UTVOCH: You are—? OWW!! I mean, um, you are.

MOKVAR: Right. And so, well, I’m just…always jotting down ideas. Thoughts, images, turns of phrase…you know the creative process, can’t pick and choose when inspiration will strike, right?

HELCULAR: So you’re working on something now?

FARANELL: Oh, he’s…he’s always working on something. That’s my old friend Movarius, always toiling over a new masterpiece…

KEL’THUZAD: You know, my cousin is a writer as well. I always admired his talent. It’s one of those skills I’ve never really mastered myself.

MOKVAR: Um, thanks… It’s really nothing…

KEL’THUZAD: Oh, don’t be modest.

HELCULAR: I’d be curious to hear what you’re working on.

MOKVAR: I…what?

KEL’THUZAD: Indeed! Would you mind sharing a bit?

FARANELL: Oh, um, I’m sure Movarius wouldn’t want to eat up everyone’s valuable time…

MOKVAR: Yeah, definitely, I’m sure you both have much more important things to be doing…

KEL’THUZAD: Nonsense! One needs to take the time to enjoy these sorts of pleasures.

HELCULAR: I find I don’t do nearly as much pleasure reading as I would like, so it would be fascinating to hear from an actual working poet, honestly.

MOKVAR: Oh…okay…well then… <flips through a few pages in his notepad> Well, okay, how about this one… There once was an elf named Sylvanas / Who criedyou know what, um, I’m really not comfortable reading this while it’s still just a draft.


FARANELL: It’s all right, Movarius, don’t distress yourself… <patting Mokvar on the back reassuringly, while looking to Kel’Thuzad and Helcular> He tends to get very anxious and protective about his work, you see…

KEL’THUZAD: Ah, I understand. So sorry, Movarius, I didn’t mean to put undue pressure on you.

HELCULAR: <muttering> Temperamental artists…

KEL’THUZAD: I’m sure when you’re satisfied with it, it will be an epic work indeed. You’ll have to send a copy to me when it’s done.

MOKVAR: Sure, sure…might take a while, but sure.

FARANELL: At…um…at any rate, Kel’Thuzad, I should probably see my friends to the inn, but I’ll speak with you about our…business…soon.

KEL’THUZAD: <nods> Of course, Faranell. In the meantime, I may go ahead and begin discussing matters with Helcular.

FARANELL: By all means. I’ll… Um, I’ll talk to you shortly.

KEL’THUZAD: Until then, my friend.

UTVOCH: Nice meeting you, Kel’Thu—oh HEY, is that the guy who—OWW!

Kel’Thuzad starts to walk off with Helcular.

KEL’THUZAD: Keep your voice down, Helcular. Strangers abound…

HELCULAR: So you can teach me this…this…

KEL’THUZAD: Necromancy. It is called necromancy…

Kel’Thuzad and Helcular walk out of earshot while Faranell, Mokvar, and Utvoch make their way toward the inn.

FARANELL: We…really need to get inside before things take a bad turn here.

MOKVAR: You mean when Kel’Thuzad comes looking for you again?

FARANELL: No, I mean when I arrive in Southshore.


Yeah, how do you like THEM apples? For those of you not keeping score at home, our buddy Faranell totally forgot that we just happen to be snooping around Southshore right around the same time HE was traveling to Southshore, as in his old human pre-undead self. Which means that at any point, a duplicate human Faranell could show up right on top of us, which might make things just a TINY bit more complicated as far as making sure none of us cross our own timelines or whatever that shit was that Chromie was blathering on about.

I’ll write more in a little while. Right now I think I need to run downstairs and see if the innkeeper’s got any aspirin, because this whole stinking mess is giving me a frigging headache. I wish this whole damn thing was over. Only it IS. Only it’s NOT. AAAAAAAHHHH I hate this fucking time travel bullshit…

So it goes
Durnholde Keep
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June 20, 2012 3:23 am

Oh I believe…in yesterday…

June 20, 2012 6:07 am

No wonder Nozdormu goes biggledy.