Back to the future


Okay, so we’re finally back, more or less, and thank the spirits for that, because I was getting really sick of looking human, not to mention not even knowing what verb tenses to use, and plus this whole time travel thing causes way more headaches than it’s worth. Mostly the human-looking thing, though. Although, listen to…hang on.



Okay, that’s weird. A bunch of my posts aren’t on the blog. They’re all the last bunch of them, so I guess…they just haven’t posted yet? Crap, one MORE complication from the time-travel bullshit, I guess they came out a little further into…well, the future, I guess…than they were supposed to. I suppose that makes sense. The Noz did mention something about there being a time disruption, somewhere right around…you know what, never mind. The rest of the posts should come up on their own soon enough and you’ll see for yourself. Looks like we’re just coming up on the fun part. You know, without there being any actual fun.

This might actually be a good thing, because while the rest of the updates load, that buys me time to deal with some followup on this end, because check out THIS head-scratcher we had waiting for us when we…um…never mind again. Spoilers.

So yeah. Let me shut up and go try to make some sense of…this…thing you don’t need to worry about. And…you sit back and…um…wait to see what the hell I’m talking about, I guess. Or not talking about.

Ugh. I really hate the guy who says shit like that when I’m reading something. Sorry.

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