Earth Online


This internet thing is actually kinda cool, now that I’m getting to do some more with it. I had Spazzle over today to go over some updates for the blog, and while he was here he showed me this game he plays on this machine that might be fun to try. It’s this huge game that you play with thousands of other people from all around Azeroth, like everybody on at the same time and interacting with you over the internet, where you have this computer character that you run around with and use to have adventures. It takes place in this imaginary setting that’s supposed to be kind of an apocalyptic nightmare future where humans have taken over the world and replaced magic with, like, goblin gadgets run totally out of control. So no wonder there why Spazzle likes it. Anyway, it’s called Earth Online, and credit where it’s due, they really seemed to go all out coming up with this really elaborate history for the world, and little details about the culture, and all that kind of stuff, and I know it probably sounds pretty dorky but I have to admit it kind of sucks you in.

So Spazzle will probably have an update soon about the blog stuff, and I know I have mail to get to for this week, and I still need to find Eitrigg and get the damn trip to Stonetalon lined up. But hell with it, I think I’ll go hop on the game for a little bit first. Just an hour or two and then I can get back to the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. Just have to decide whether I want to make my character a mechanic or a veterinarian.

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September 26, 2011 12:00 am

I have a friend who plays a veterinarian, and she says you have to pass a lot of stupid tests.