Visiting Sun Rock Retreat


I just arrived at Sun Rock Retreat this afternoon, and so far I’m not sure what to make of things. Before I got here, everyone was telling me how this was one of our major outposts here, how we coordinated all kinds of operations into Windshear Crag and the Charred Vale and wherever else…but right now the place just seems like a ghost town. Like all buildings and equipment seem to be intact, but…there’s just nothing going on. No signs of operations happening, hardly any people…I mean, I know we’ve got other stuff going on in the area, but who clears out a perfectly good post like that?

I was just talking to Tharm the windrider master about this, and according to him, Chieftain Cliffwalker recalled most of the tauren there back to Cliffwalker Post. Not sure what to make of that. Apparently Krom’gar mobilized a lot of the men there around the same time for something major in the works up north. Probably some kind of joint operation. I’m guessing there’s some kind of Alliance force building, and I’ve got to admit, the thought of Varian rounding up some of his boys only to have Krom’gar unleash a big ol’ legion of orcs and tauren on them is giving me some chuckles. I’ll be heading over to Krom’gar’s fortress next to check in on the juicy details.  More soon.

Visiting Stonetalon
Krom'gar's Fortress
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