Krom’gar’s Fortress


There’s something rotten in Stonetalon Mountains. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is, but there’s something going on around here that doesn’t sit right with me.

So I arrived at Krom’gar’s fortress a little while ago, only Krom’gar wasn’t around, which seems pretty weird. Not only that, but there aren’t nearly as many troops in the base as I would have figured. It’s like there’s just a skeleton crew left behind to man the fortress…which is strange, since it really seems like there was a pretty major attack here recently. Pieces of gnome aircraft and robo…attack…thingies…all around the place, and down in the basin around the fort, so I don’t know why Krom’gar would move men out just after the Alliance tried hitting them.

Then again, maybe the damn gnomes tried something, got their asses handed to them good and proper, and now Krom’gar and his troops are chasing their sorry butts down to finish them off. Which would be all kinds of awesome to see. Have I mentioned how much I fucking HATE gnomes, by the way? I mean okay, I hate humans and dwarves and night elves and spiders and woodchucks and rainy days, but I REALLY hate gnomes. It’s like they took everything that was annoying about goblins, cranked it up to eleven, took away the stuff that makes goblins tolerable (like how they help me set up blogs and shit), loaded them up with annoying voices and stupid hairdos and glued fucking springs to their asses. Do you SEE how they’re always fucking bouncing around? Is there anything more irritating than when you’re trying to fucking kill something and it doesn’t have the common decency to stop hopping around all over the place and just SIT. THE FUCK. STILL??

So yeah, I guess some gnomes were here.

I’m going to check around the area and see if I can figure out what the hell’s going on around here. I’ll check back in later today.

Visiting Sun Rock Retreat
Underneath the bunker
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