It would have been nice if he’d told me this before


Okay so apparently you CAN go back and erase stuff on this stupid machine. Spazzle came over and showed me the button I’m supposed to use so I’m going to try it and see if it works. So let me write something and erase it and see if he’s telling me the truth or if I have to go colossus smash his fucking head in and then execute a couple dozen goblins to make an example of them.

So here goes:


Okay, so could you read that part about the crippled hippogryph? I think I got that right so you shouldn’t have been able to see the thing about the crippled hippogryph. I sure hope so because the last thing I fucking need at this point is the fucking DEHTA people being a pain in the ass, it’s bad enough having to put up with the stupid hippie druids over in the Valley of Wisdom much less having to pretend like Malfurion Whatshisface is our buddy now just because Thrall says he’s supposed to be keeping some elemental guy from burning everything down. Like the place has been in such great shape anyway the last few months, nice job there, Antlers McBeardyface.

Anyway, hopefully I got the erase thing down, I guess we’ll see in a minute after I post this. I swear if Spazzle is lying to me and I get those DEHTA fuckers picketing Grommash Hold again I’m going to rend him like there’s no tomorrow.

More later. FOR THE HORDE!

Visiting the Barrens
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