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Well look at that — that didn’t take long at all. Like I mentioned last time, Korga Strongmane had sent word that he was going to try to arrange for some of the pandaren to make the trip to Orgrimmar to pledge themselves to the Horde. Which first of all, nice job with the recruiting and public relations there, Korga. Nice to see at least SOME of the tauren are getting with the program. And now, I just got a followup message from Korga this morning saying that the first wave of pandaren recruits are on their way and should be in Orgrimmar today.

So I’m sure it’s no shock to anyone who read my last post that I was pretty excited about getting to meet these pandaren. They’ve got a pretty badass reputation, for one, and it’ll also be good to add some new blood to the mix — new recruits drawn almost immediately out of this new culture we’re encountering for the first time. Just take a second and think about how THAT goes down: these pandaren are going about their business, they’ve had their own thing going for thousands of years, then the Horde shows up for like five minutes and they’re like, “Oh hey, shit, I wanna go with THESE guys!” Because the Horde is JUST THAT AWESOME. That’s how we roll. Ha! See? You don’t see the fucking ALLIANCE pulling off shit like that. You don’t see any of these badass martial-arts-rocking pandaren lining up to drop everything and go sign on with fucking VARIAN. HORDE PRIDE, baby!

Okay, hang on a second, Eitrigg is trying to tell me something.




Okay so I guess you DO see that shit happening, because APPARENTLY there was also a bunch of pandaren who went and joined the Alliance. And what the FUCK is up with THAT? I guess some of the pandaren are easily impressed or some shit.

Son of a BITCH.

Okay, whatever. This throws a big ol’ monkey wrench into my “Welcome to the Horde” speech I was going to give them, but fuck it. I’ll just improvise something on the fly. Should be fine. Meanwhile, the pandaren who DON’T have their heads up their asses, and their leader Ji Firepaw, should be here any time now. This should be interesting. I’ll post again soon to let you all know how it goes.


P.S.  Fuck you, Varian.

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November 14, 2012 7:12 pm

The smart ones will join the Horde.