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I swear the Mokvar situation keeps getting more unreal. Latest news: Mokvar and Deliana have escaped, and right now nobody knows where they are.

It gets extra weird when you hear how it happened. Ji Firepaw went to visit Mokvar at his house. After he’d been inside a few minutes, the guards standing watch outside heard noises and went in to check. They found Mokvar and Deliana standing over Ji – who was unconscious on the floor. As soon as the guards were inside, Mokvar hexed one of them. We’re not sure what happened to the other guard – she just reports blacking out for a few minutes, and when she came to, Mokvar and Deliana were both gone.

Ji wasn’t hurt badly. He’s a little black and blue from taking one good blow on the head, but it’s nothing that won’t heal up quickly enough. He says he was just going to visit Mokvar and bring him a few things – some snacks, I guess, since among the pandaren one of the highest displays of friendship is the gift of food – but once he was there, Mokvar and Deliana suddenly turned on him.

I know. It doesn’t make much sense to me, either.

Eitrigg was already at his wit’s end over Mokvar, and when word got to him about this…well, let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t actually there. Rumor is that this latest piece of news made him go positively Garrosh. And here’s the other thing – I can understand why Eitrigg would be angry, obviously, but I still wouldn’t have expected him to respond the way he has. I would have figured he’d send out search teams to hunt down Mokvar, put a bounty on his capture…maybe even issue a declaration that he’s a criminal at large and wanted for crimes against the Horde. As it turns out, as of this morning, all of those options have been bypassed in favor for the one last step that – in orc culture, anyway – pretty much the worst penalty possible.

By order of Eitrigg, under the authority granted him by the Warchief in absentia, Mokvar has been banished from the Horde.



[Header image provided by Khizzara from Blog of the Treant, used here with permission and many thanks.]

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March 16, 2013 3:09 pm

‘Ey, mon, ya tink dey was wantin’ ta elope? 😉

March 17, 2013 12:08 pm
Reply to  Alayea

They would make a lovely couple if you ask me.