Return of the Meta Raid


Hi, folks. Averry here.

I’d originally wanted to save this announcement until after I’d posted the rest of the Paternity story (or, maybe more accurately, “Can of Worms, Part 1: Lid Be Gone!”). The comic is taking longer than I’d planned to finish, though (I had a grade-A “back to the drawing board” moment with the artwork this week) (hey, literally! I didn’t even plan that!) (yes, I do like parentheses, thank you very much), and I want to make sure I give people enough lead time.

So, the point: I’d like to revisit the Friends-of-WCB Meta Raid, and see about turning it into a regular thing!

So, here’s the plan. Readers, bloggers, lurkers, and various and sundry others are invited to a Flex raid of Siege of Orgrimmar, the closing weekend of each Darkmoon Faire. I figure that once a month is often enough to make it a fun ongoing event, without being so frequent that it becomes a burden on people’s schedules. I’d like to shoot for Saturday nights, with Sunday possibly being a backup and/or spillover date if we ever decide to be ambitious and continue on the next night. Same as the original raid, we can plan on starting around 8:00 PM Eastern time, and go until…well…until we fall asleep or get sick of each other.

Since this weekend marks the beginning of February’s Darkmoon Faire, that means we would be shooting for Saturday, February 8 as our next raid night. And then, if all goes well, continue on each month as the faire comes to a close.

Thanks as always for reading, commenting, and generally coming along for the ride. More from the Warchief soon…as soon as Gurtash stops messing up this drawing of…erm…oops. Spoilers. Never mind.

Be seeing you,


Paternity (part 1)
Paternity (part 2)
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January 30, 2014 7:19 pm

Yay! Sign me up! 😀
We can use our guild Vent again – if no one will explode because it’s an Alli guild.
I’m pretty sure High King Varian gets his hair done that night so Garrosh won’t have to worry about “accidentally” running into him 😉

January 31, 2014 3:38 am

Ooo, I think I may actually be able to join this round, hurray! 😀

January 31, 2014 10:07 am

Okay–I want to go but damn, need to get that Hordie up to snuff. May not be possible this round (and I’m a big fan of parenthetical information too) along with comma splices…(get your red pen out)

January 31, 2014 11:37 am

I’m in, of course. You would probably call missing persons on me if I didn’t show up.

January 31, 2014 6:33 pm

Going to be 2 hrs late again. Sure sucks being located in a Pacific zone at times. *lol*

Shen Wei Pureblossom
Shen Wei Pureblossom
February 4, 2014 11:05 am

(Bummer. I have to work both those nights. But if you don’t mind the latecomer, I’ll be more than happy to bring Shenwei again.)

February 5, 2014 5:05 am

Oh drat, I just realized I’m going to miss this one which sucks because the last one was an absolute blast. If you guys end up doing the Sunday clean-up day I can probably make that one though. 🙂

February 8, 2014 7:45 pm

I am going to get a Hordie up to 90…these sound like too much fun. Cross-faction raiding, please!