Guild update


So, good news and bad news on the guild front.

On the plus side, turns out Sylvanas plays a little Earth Online, and she isn’t all that invested in her current server, so she’s going to transfer over to Goldwater and join the guild. Kind of funny, between her and Garona, seems like there are a lot more girl gamers than I figured there would be. Girl PLAYERS, that is – every other dude with repression issues is running around with a half-naked female toon.

On the down side, SOMEONE (yes, I’m talking to YOU, Mokvar) let his desire for perks get the better of his judgment, because somehow he decided it was a good idea to send Refer-a-Friend invitations to…wait for it…Dontrag and Utvoch.

Yeah. Fantastic, right?

So I’m wondering, I don’t suppose there’s a way NOT to let someone you know in RL into your guild, is there?

Failing that, is there any acceptable way to put people in your own guild on ignore?

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