Memento from Children’s Week


Just a quick post today.

What with Children’s Week just finishing up here in Orgrimmar, I thought I’d toss a picture up here for everyone. Gurtash has been by a few times during the week – what with me being busy all of a sudden with family stuff, he’s been putting in a little extra time helping take care of Mortimer.


He was at Grommash Hold a couple days a go when Spazzle was also dropping by, so I had Spazzle use one of his nerdy photographic doohickeys to get a shot for us.

Then he got his ass back to the toxic-waste-smelling goblin slums, and Gurtash got back to work sweeping up the droppings from Mortimer’s pen out back.

Good day overall.

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May 7, 2012 4:54 pm

Spazzle doesn’t look nearly as nerdy as I had imagined him.

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