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[So…as everyone surely remembers from previously, Mokvar was recounting the tale of his pursuit of the Council of the Black Harvest. Mokvar’s search led him from the Firelands to Shadowmoon Valley, where he found Kanrethand Ebonlocke and Jubeka Shadowbreaker…]



* For anyone who’s forgotten the details of Mokvar’s sordid past: Back in his days as a mercenary with the Veiled Blade, on a mission to Blackrock Spire, he acquired the Nether Prism, a warlock relic that could be used to dominate the will of demons. Mokvar detailed his backstory here and here.


* While tracking down the Council of the Black Harvest, Mokvar alienated old friends though a range of odd behavior, among it apparently killing old mercenary comrade Theldren while in Ironforge (which Mokvar would later explain as a result of a spectral assassin attack).

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Rakael Towers (@RakaelTowers)
February 16, 2015 1:12 am

Great faces! All of them! So expressive!

This is getting so good!

Sintra E'Drien
Sintra E'Drien
February 16, 2015 4:09 am

Jubeka- horrifyingly corpse-like, yet disturingly . . . attractive? Did I really just write that? I need some mental floss. Or better, brain bleach.

February 17, 2015 12:32 am
Reply to  Sintra E'Drien

I hear ol’ Griftah might have dat stuff. >_>