Trouble in Stonetalon


During a series of routine inspection visits, Garrosh uncovers some odd goings-on in Stonetalon Mountains, which leads him to uncover Overlord Krom’gar’s scheme to drop a bomb on the peaceful druids of Thal’darah Grove. This brief storyline gives a Garrosh’s-eye view of the popular Krom’gar questline in Stonetalon, and features the introduction of Dontrag and Utvoch to the blog.

  • Visiting Stonetalon – Garrosh begins his inspection tour of Stonetalon at Malaka’jin, with an eye toward checking in on Overlord Krom’gar.
  • Visiting Sun Rock Retreat – Garrosh arrives at Sun Rock retreat to find a near-empty base.
  • Krom’gar’s Fortress – At Krom’gar’s Fortress, Garrosh finds the aftermath of a major battle…but no Krom’gar.
  • Underneath the bunker – Garrosh digs up new leads on Krom’gar’s activities…featuring the first-ever transcript appearance of Dontrag and Utvoch.
  • Sludgewerks update – Garrosh learns Krom’gar has assembled a bomb to be used on an Alliance target.
  • Thal’darah Grove – The Warchief checks on Krom’gar’s intended target, but doesn’t much like what he finds.
  • Cliffwalker Post – After the final confrontation with Krom’gar.
  • Spazzle Speaks – Spazzle guest posts to update us on what actually happened at Cliffwalker Post.


  • Dismissed – Garrosh’s attempt to deal with the ordeal poetically.
  • Monday mailbag – A letter to General Grebo is misdelivered to Garrosh.
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