Magatha’s Twilight, Part 1: The Phylactery of Cho’gall


Okay, maybe it’s cheating to break this story into two pieces, but it’s a pretty long storyline, and it really does divide fairly neatly into two parts.

When Grimtotem raiders begin attacking ogres in Feralas and Dustwallow Marsh, Garrosh begins an investigation that eventually uncovers a plot to resurrect Cho’gall: the Grimtotem have learned that an ogre relic could be the key to returning Cho’gall to life and have set out to find it before the Twilight’s Hammer, in order to make a deal with the cult. Garrosh and Garona scour Feralas and eventually capture Skarr, a Twlight agent, who reveals that the cult already has the phylactery in its possession. Garrosh seizes on the opportunity to set a trap for Magatha Grimtotem at Alcaz Island – figuring that she could be lured with the prospect of gaining the phylactery – but the plan comes apart when a Twilight attack prevents a Horde detachment from leaving Durotar. Garrosh takes off personally for Alcaz to do what he can, but not before realizing he may have been played.

To be continued in Part 2

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