Magatha’s Twilight, Part 2: Where’s Garrosh?


Picking up where Part 1 left off, Garrosh is missing after leaving for Alcaz Island. In his absence, the Horde appoints Varok Saurfang as acting Warchief; Saurfang takes it upon himself to update the blog in Garrosh’s place. Saurfang’s continued investigation raises the possibility that the Cho’gall ressurection plot may have been initiated by Magatha, and Garona eventually leads the search to the Bastion of Twilight, where the Twilight’s Cult – with Magatha’s aid – are in the process of staging the ressurection ritual. Saurfang leads a strike team to the Bastion to stop the ritual, and recovers the abducted Garrosh – in no small part thanks to everyone’s favorite wyvern.


  • Filling in the gaps – Garrosh rolls out some needed exposition to fill in the missing pieces of his whole ordeal.
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