The Anti-Plague of Southshore


While conducting plague experiments in the ruins of Southshore, Sylvanas’ agents trigger some kind of magic that purges Forsaken of their undeath – killing them in the process. Called upon for help, Garrosh discovers that this spreading “anti-plague” effect may have had its origins in Southshore years ago. Garrosh travels to the Caverns of Time and travels ten years into the past, along with Mokvar, Liadrin, Faranell, and Utvoch. There they meet the Knights of the Silver Hand – along with the human Faranell of that time (Edwin) and his brother Patrick, who is destined to die in the Scourge invasion of Silvermoon. Garrosh and the others assist Isilien and Doan of the Silver Hand in creating the anti-plague “bomb,” then collect enough information to neutralize the effect in the future before making their exit. Along the way, though, Faranell secretly engineers events to allow him to switch places with his younger, human self – allowing his human counterpart to travel to the future where he can live his life without falling to undeath.

While this story can stand on its own, Faranell’s plan eventually sets in motion the events that will lead to the Timequake storyline a few weeks later.


  • Midnight oil – Garrosh gives Sylvanas the go-ahead to plague it up to her heart’s content.
  • Remembrance of the dead – The first sign that something might be amiss among the Forsaken.

Story Arc:

  • Death of the dead – Something is going terribly wrong in Southshore.
  • So much for the Frostwolves – Garrosh calls on Frek’Thar for aid, to no avail.
  • Arrival at the Undercity – The Warchief travels to the Eastern Kingdoms to check on matters personally.
  • The Apothecarium – Ongoing investigation of the Southshore anti-plague.
  • Ruins of Southshore – Garrosh travels to Southshore to observe the bizarre state of affairs directly.
  • Spare the rod, spoil the Helcular – Garrosh checks in with Helcular and learns that the anti-plague effect is spreading.
  • Where did all the words go? – Garrosh starts to get some answers from Tirion Fordring…long, endless, exhausting answers.
  • Well who woulda thought… – At the recommendation of some blood elf guy, the Warchief calls on Lady Liadrin of the Blood Knights for further input.
  • YOUR WARCHIEF IS A GENIUS – Faced with a dead end, Garrosh realizes where he can turn for help.
  • Wibbly wobbly, timey whimey – Garrosh brings a team to the Caverns of Time to consult with Nozdormu.
  • So it goes – Nozdormu sends Garrosh and his group to old Hillsbrad, where Utvoch takes about five seconds to start making a mess of things.
  • All my troubles seemed so far away – In old Southshore, Faranell runs into two old friends: Kel’Thuzard and Helcular.
  • Durnholde Keep – To keep the timeline intact, Garrosh heads to Durnholde Keep to free a young, imprisoned Thrall.
  • A bad comedy waiting to happen – A major wrinkle emerges: the appearance of Faranell’s younger self from this time period.
  • All roads lead to Southshore – The rest of the Silver Hand contingent arrives, and the Warchief learns more about the Faranell of the past.
  • Knights of the Silver (withered) Hand – Garrosh and Liadrin witness the Silver Hand meeting that leads to the forging of the Ashbringer.
  • Past imperfect – Nozdormu appears to warn of a disturbance in the timeline, and Utvoch once again…well…utvochs things up.
  • It’s not easy being hexed – Mokvar helps replace past-Faranell with future-Faranell, and meets Patrick, Faranell’s brother.
  • Good news, everyone – Garrosh and company, along with Patrick Faranell (who’s starting to seem oddly familiar) meet with Isilien and Doan to devise a surprise for the Scourge.
  • Home stretch – With the anti-plague device in place, the team prepares for the final steps of their plan.
  • Set us up the bomb – Faranell knocks himself out (literally) to collect the magic attunement from the anti-plague bomb.
  • Back to the future, part 2 – Garrosh and company return to the present, to discover a complication with Faranell.
  • So far, so good – Based on the attuned chameleon shard, Helcular creates a counter for the anti-plague.
  • I see undead people – Faranell finally wakes up…and the problem becomes bigger.
  • Special delivery from Southshore – Garrosh receives a letter from Faranell from the past, revealing a brilliant, secret plan.
  • A sort of homecoming – Garrosh brings human-Faranell to Hearthglen to start his new life in the future.
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