A few weeks after returning from old Southshore, human!Faranell reports experiencing strange flashbacks and flashforwards to other points in Faranell’s original timeline. At the same time, Garrosh begins to experience shifts into an alternate reality where a still-living Dranosh Saurfang is Warchief. Nozdormu explains that Faranell has become unstuck in time because he’s been pulled out of his own time period; Soridormi further reveals that Faranell’s shifts in time are causing an alternate timeline to bleed into ours – one in which the survival of his brother Patrick has led to a world in which Arthas has survived and the Burning Legion is fast overrunning Azeroth. Garrosh leads a mission to Northrend to recover the Focusing Iris – a source of magic power needed to return to old Southshore, where the problem began – and convinces Faranell to help restore events to normal. Garrosh and Faranell return to old Southshore, where Faranell resets the timeline, but not without a heavy cost to the Warchief.

  • Monday mailbag – A letter from Daria L’Rayne issues the first warning that something may be wrong with human!Faranell.
  • Return pilgrimage to Hearthglen – Garrosh and Mokvar return to Hearthglen to find Faranell experiencing strange flashbacks to a life he never lived.
  • Dying of the light – While accompanying Liadrin on a visit to A’dal, Garrosh experiences a momentary shift to a very different Shattrath.
  • Happy birthday, Baine – Garrosh travels to Thunder Bluff for the birthday celebration of Baine Bloodhoof…and some face time with Cairne.
  • By my right as Warchief – Meet the Warchief that might have been: Dranosh Saurfang.
  • Lines of inquiry – In the midst of a heated discussion with Saurfang, Garrosh shifts into the alternate universe, where he has a cryptic encounter.
  • Time isn’t holding us – Garrosh and company travel to the Caverns of Time to consult with Nozdormu on the Faranell problem.
  • Time isn’t after us – After shifting to the other universe, Garrosh, Liadrin, and Mokvar learn from Soridormi what’s really at stake.
  • Live Blog: Tides of War – While Garrosh makes plans for a glorious attack in this world, Dranosh makes plan for a desperate defense in the other.
  • March of destruction – The battle of the line against the Scourge in Quel’thalas.
  • Brothers in arms – Garrosh dips into his old journal to recount an early adventure with Dranosh in Nagrand.
  • What goes around – In the other timeline, Garrosh confronts Magatha, then wonders if this other world is really so bad.
  • Casualties of war – Of all the scourges of war, none is more spiteful than its upturning of the rightful order of sons burying their fathers…
  • The siege of Orgrimmar – In the midst of a Scourge attack on Orgrimmar, the Horde is betrayed from within, and all hell breaks loose…literally.
  • This is the way the world ends – Forced to evacuate, Garrosh and Dranosh witness the fall of Orgrimmar.
  • The last Warchief – Dranosh confronts the traitor who unleashed the Burning Legion on Orgrimmar, and Garrosh sets in motion a plan to restore the world that was.
  • Could we have the demons back? – In Ashenvale, Garrosh is reunited with Mortimer…and, unfortunately, Dontrag and Utvoch.
  • The fire in which we burn – Garrosh and Mokvar return to Soridormi to fill in some of the gaps.
  • The parting of ways – Before leaving for a key mission in Northrend, Dranosh leaves the Horde in good hands.
  • Days of future past – Garrosh and company arrive in Northrend…now all he needs to do is convince Faranell that Patrick has to die.
  • Wrath of the Lich King – Garrosh, Dranosh, and the others arrive at the Nexus to recover the Focusing Iris, only to find that the Scourge have already arrived.
  • Let’s do the time warp again – Garrosh returns to Soridormi with the Focusing Iris just as the Legion strikes.
  • The future never happened – Garrosh and Faranell return to old Southshore to reset the splintering timelines.
  • Same as it ever was – Garrosh wakes up in his original world, safe and sound…and broken.
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