Tides of War


Obviously, this story isn’t mine at all, but is rather the blog’s account of the events of the novel Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden. There’s considerable overlap between these events and those of the Timequake story arc, and in fact the final payoff of Timequake plays a fairly major role in motivating Garrosh’s behavior toward the end of Tides of War. That said – Garrosh marshals a Horde army against the Alliance, beginning with Northwatch Hold. After a long wait, Garrosh leads his troops against Theramore; after the initial siege fails, Garrosh destroys the city with a mana bomb powered by the Focusing Iris. Orgrimmar’s celebrations of the victory are interrupted when the outraged Alliance moves on Durotar with a naval fleet; while the naval battle effectively ends as a draw, the Alliance succeed in retaking Northwatch Hold. An outraged Garrosh vows to escalate the war against the Alliance.


  • Camp Taurajo – A visit to the ruins reminds Garrosh of why he hates the humans so much.
  • Lifetime piling up – Fueled by grief, Garrosh vows to unleash his fury on the Alliance.
  • I am become death – Garrosh lays out plans to unleash an enhanced corruption spell on Theramore.
  • Back to the drawing board – The attack on Theramore goes back on the shelf, for now.

Story Arc:

  • Live Blog: Tides of War – Commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Command Board, a live-blogged account of Garrosh’s meeting with the other leaders of the Horde that sets off the events in the Tides of War novel.
  • Readying for war – Garrosh issues marching orders to Baine and Vol’jin in preparation for the Theramore attack.
  • March of destruction – The attack on Northwatch Hold.
  • What goes around – In the aftermath of the Razing of Northwatch Hold, Garrosh hears rumblings of mutiny.
  • Same as it ever was – Garrosh wakes up in Northwatch Hold after saving the world from a nightmare timeline…and Theramore will pay the price for what he had to do.
  • Monday mailbag – One of Garrosh’s regular correspondents reminds us of why Theramore must fall.
  • The fall of Theramore – The day of the attack arrives, and the days of Theramore come to an end.
  • It’s a celebration, bitches! – Returning home victorious, Garrosh calls for a week of celebration.
  • The house always wins – Garrosh participates in some of the festivities in Orgrimmar and walks away with a prize from Gallywix.
  • The Razor Hill incident – Malkorok’s report on a tragic mishap in Durotar.
  • Two if by sea – The Alliance is coming to Bladefist Bay, and boy, are they mad.
  • Turn of the tide – After the effective stalemate at Bladefist Bay, Garrosh witnesses the Alliance’s retaking of Northwatch Hold…and resolves to win the war once and for all.


  • Fashionably late – Dontrag and Utvoch pick the perfect time to show up for the would-be celebration in Orgrimmar.
  • Surprises from the land down under – Garrosh hops online to escape his recent frustrations, only to encounter some familiar faces.
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