We All Have Our Demons


Shortly before Garrosh leaves for Pandaria, Mokvar is attacked by parties unknown. Eventually, Mokvar fills in the story: his attackers were spectral assassins sent by the lingering spirit of Lord Valthalak, a drakonid whom Mokvar had angered in his mercenary days by stealing a powerful warlock relic called the Nether Prism. Reunited with Deliana, a fellow former mercenary, Mokvar tracks Nether Prism to a warlock coven called the Council of the Black Harvest, but his seemingly erratic behavior leads to his banishment from the Horde. Finding the Council in Outland, Mokvar wins the favor of its leader, Kanrethad Ebonlocke, and resume his own studies as a warlock, but eventually is forced to confront Kanrethad when his quest for power threatens the world. Mokvar makes a dramatic return and assuages Garrosh’s anger with a prospect the Warchief can’t refuse: the Nether Prism and its potential power over the sha.


  • Best-laid plans — During a strategy session for the Pandaren campaign, Mokvar has some choice words for Malkorok.

Story Arc:

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