The Divine Bell


The blog version of the Domination Point questline of pach 5.1 and surrounding events. After the discovery of Pandaria and the arrival of the first pandaren Horde recruits, Garrosh marshals his forces and departs for the new land to lead the war effort personally. After establishing a base at Domination Point and “disposing” of the ever-critical Vol’jin, Garrosh learns of a relic called the Divine Bell, which the mogu had used centuries ago to help forge their empire. After a lengthy search, Garrosh’s forces locate the Divine Bell, only to be beaten to the punch by the Alliance — but a blood elf stealth operation into Darnassus recovers the Bell for the Horde. Garrosh attempts to tap into the power of the Divine Bell, but the resulting sha manifestations prove too powerful for the Warchief’s agents to control.


  • Into the mists — General Nazgrim informs Garrosh of the discovery of Pandaria, and the Warchief dispatches an invasion fleet to the new land.
  • Membership drive — The Huojin Pandaren join the Horde…and Garrosh didn’t even have to let them punch him in the face.
  • Invasion incoming — Garrosh holds a strategy session for the upcoming Pandaren campaign with his advisors…and Vol’jin.
  • Being a role model is a full-time job — Garrosh volunteers to oversee the training of a group of young trainees, including Gurtash.

Story Arc:

  • Landfall — Garrosh arrives in Pandaria, and construction of Domination Point begins.
  • There goes the neighborhood — Vol’jin arrives in Pandaria, and Garrosh decides enough is enough.
  • Spazzle Speaks: Darkspear Edition — Word reaches Orgrimmar: Vol’jin has died in the line of duty.
  • Thinking outside the box, coloring inside the lines — Gurtash unveils his artistic skills as Garrosh recruits him as an alternative to the absent Mokvar and his transcripts.  Also, Dontrag and Utvoch arrive in Pandaria.
  • Mogu relics and panda oversights — Garrosh learns of the Divine Bell, a relic used by the mogu to bend the power of the sha to their will.
  • Spazzle Speaks: Shamans United! — En route to the Echo Isles, Spazzle encounters Thrall and learns the truth about Vol’jin and the trolls.
  • Never send an elf to do an orc’s job — In Kun-Lai Summit, Lor’themar Theron and his blood elves run into mogu trouble, much to the Warchief’s disapproval.
  • Garrosh to the rescue (as usual) — Lor’themar’s elves run into trouble with the mogu again, until the Warchief arrives to bail them out.
  • Sha hunting — Garrosh sends blademasters Burzum and Krimpatul to investigate sha infestations around Pandaria.
  • A Shado-Pan of a doubt — At Shado-Pan Monastery, Garrosh convenes with Burzum and Krimpatul, only to have one of the blademasters succumb to sha influence.
  • Sha-touched — The Warchief tries to empower the Kor’kron with sha energy, but none of them can resist its corrupting effects.
  • Shadow boxing — Lor’themar reports on a mysterious box his people were charged with examining.  Ten points off if you think it went well.
  • The fine art of persuasion — Garrosh’s interrogation of the mogu Shan Kien finally provides a lead in the search for the Divine Bell.
  • Fear leads to anger — Night elf Sentinels beating Horde forces to the Divine Bell is just the start of the bad news for the Warchief.
  • Anger leads to hate — Garrosh isn’t taking the losses at the Temple of the Red Crane particularly well.
  • Divine do-over — After a stealthy blood elf operation, the Horde gets a second chance at the Divine Bell.
  • Spazzle Speaks: Someone Must Have Kicked You Around Some — The theft of the Divine Bell stolen has left Jaina Proudmoore less than accommodating toward Horde members in Dalaran.
  • For whom the bell tolls — Garrosh finally attempts to tap into the power of the Divine Bell, and Anduin Wrynn intervenes to try to stop him.  Yeah, that’s going to end well all around.
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