Karazhan Curtain Call


In the aftermath of the Timequake storyline, Garrosh decides that Prince Malchezaar, still trapped in his Netherspace time loop, needs to be dealt with. He gathers a group to join him for a journey to Karazhan, where their search for a way to draw Malchezaar out of his hiding place leads them to the Opera House. Barnes the stage manager promises his aid, but only after the night’s performances are done…which forces Garrosh, Mokvar, Liadrin, Faranell, Garona, Dontrag, and Utvoch — much to their chagrin — into a series of musicals. Eventually, the final performance unveils the summoning magic the group was looking for, and the Malchezaar problem is finally dealt with once and for all.


  • Monday mailbag — In response to a reader’s inquiry, Garrosh reveals the strange truth about Prince Malchezaar’s endless respawning in Karazhan.
  • The siege of Orgrimmar — During an attack on Orgrimmar in an alternate timeline, Malchezaar emerges from his Netherspace prison to unleash the Burning Legion upon the Horde.
  • The last Warchief — Neeru Fireblade reveals the real purpose behind Malchezaar’s bizarre time loop.

Story Arc:

  • Magical mystery tour — Garrosh and company set out for Karazhan and are initially stymied by Berthold the doorman.
  • Fifteen seconds to curtain, Garrosh Hellscream — The Warchief meets Barnes the stage manager, who claims to have a way to get to Malchezaar…but first, he has a show to put on.
  • The Roshy Horror Picture Show — Garrosh and the others are forced to recount their time-traveling story for the Karazhan audience, to the tune of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Let’s do the time warp again.
  • West Azeroth Story — The second performance of the night revises West Side Story, with the Horde and Alliance replacing the Jets and Sharks, and the star-crossed lovers replaced by the old dungeon set questgivers: Mokvar and Deliana.
  • West Azeroth Story, Act 2 — Garrosh learns of Mokvar’s meeting with Deliana, and with predictably irritable results.
  • West Azeroth Story, Act 3 — Garrosh’s duel with Varian doesn’t quite go to plan, and the Horde and Alliance rush headlong toward war, until Mokvar recruits some familiar faces to intervene.
  • Intermission — Garrosh presses Barnes to provide the aid he’d promised, but it only leads to…
  • The Wizard of Zhan — Garrosh and Mortimer step into the roles of Dorothy and Toto in a revision of The Wizard of Oz that’s sure to make you roll your eyes at least a half-dozen times.
  • The Wizard of Zhan, Act 2 — Garrosh is joined in his journey to the Wizard by an assortment of companions — including Dontrag and Utvoch, who ponder what it would be like if they only had a brain.
  • The Wizard of Zhan, Act 3 — After completing a quest for the Wizard, the Warchief summons Malchezaar down from the Netherspace…and learns a troubling detail about Faranell’s own time-loop experiences.
  • Encore — One last performance before we leave: “My Garona.”  Come on, I had to.
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