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garroshabout2The Warchief’s Command Board is the ongoing blog of Horde Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. In it, the Warchief shares his daily thoughts and experiences with minions, fans, and foes alike, often incorporating transcripts of his more memorable conversations and web comics ostensibly created by one of his trainees, Gurtash.

(Yes, in the world of the blog, Garrosh is still Warchief — see here for more on when the events of the blog are transpiring.)

The vast majority of the blog is written from Garrosh’s point of view, but also occasionally features guest posts written by other characters; prime among those are Garrosh’s tech goblin Spazzle Fizzletrinket and scribe Mokvar. Posts by other “authors” are readily identified by the color of their text: Spazzle’s posts always appear in green (and are always titled “Spazzle Speaks”), while Mokvar’s are written in blue. Posts presented in the blog’s default (white) font are written by Garrosh unless explicitly noted otherwise.

New to the blog? Welcome! And hey, while you’re getting acclimated, why not go back to the very beginning and catch up on the lunacy from the start?

It should be pretty obvious, but here’s the obligatory disclaimer: This blog is a work of parody. (Well, mostly. Somehow, some semi-serious storylines started sneaking into it when the silliness wasn’t looking.) Names, places, and characters from the World of Warcraft universe — most notably the character of Garrosh Hellscream — are used here for comedic and creative purposes.



The “man behind the curtain,” as it were, is me, Averry — a long-long-long-time WoW player from Kargath-US (Battletag Averry#1116). I thought it might be fun to write in character as Garrosh, and use him as an off-kilter lens through which to explore the world of Azeroth. As a general rule, I try not to break character within the blog’s posts, though I have been known to make occasional exceptions for the sake of major(ish) announcements.

While I’m ostensibly the (unseen) (mostly) face of the blog, there’s no question that it wouldn’t be here without the contributions of many other people. First and foremost is my fellow blogger and former guildmate Khizzara, who had a pretty major role in bringing the blog into existence: it was a conversation between us that gave birth to the ridiculous idea of what a blog written by Garrosh Hellscream (whom neither of us particularly cared for) might be like. By the time our utterly absurd discussion had run its course, Khizzara was insisting that I needed to create the blog, and after a little prodding and encouragement on her part, a few weeks later, the Warchief’s Command Board was born.

Since then, Khizzara has continued to be an important figure behind the scenes, having been a sounding board for me during a great many brainstorming/spitballing sessions. Major thanks and acknowledgments also go to Repgrind, Inuki, Rakael, and Shen Wei, all of whom have also listened to my random blog babble on many an occasion and helped me talk through various story ideas. All five of my co-conspirators have contributed characters to the supporting cast — trainee Korrina and Khizzara from, well, Khizzara; trainee Giska from Rep; Taktani from Inuki; trainee Ruekie from Rakael; and trainee Mirembe from Shen (who’s also declared herself the unofficial blog historian). Additional thanks and credit to Rakael and Shen, who are responsible for giving voices to the Twitter incarnations of several blog characters.

I hope you have as much fun reading the blog as I do writing it.  Feel free to contact your “Warchief” at garrosh1337@gmail.com. Rest assured that your e-mails, comments, and feedback of all sorts are welcomed and appreciated.

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