Krasarang Underground


When the DPS trainees are lost and presumed dead after an Alliance victory at the Temple of the Red Crane, Garrosh heads off in search of clues to their ultimate fate. Garrosh stumbles into an underground system of caves in which he finds the trainees, (mostly) alive and trapped underground. Within the caves, the Warchief and his trainees encounter a range of foes — saurok, sha, even a surprise encounter with a likewise-trapped Varian Wrynn. Eventually, they manage to make their escape from the caverns, but not before a mysterious light leaves Gurtash with troubling visions of events yet to come.


  • Departures — Garrosh sends the DPS trainees to accompany a force laying claim to the Temple of the Red Crane.
  • Fear leads to anger — Reports come in of an Alliance counterattack at the temple, resulting in total losses for the Horde force…including, apparently, the trainees.
  • Burdens of the spirit — Elder Cloudfall urges Garrosh to investigate the aftermath of the temple battle in order to achieve closure over the loss of the trainees.

Story arc:

  • Buried treasure — Taking Cloudfall’s advice, Garrosh travels to the Red Crane temple grounds, where he manages to get himself trapped in an under ground system of caves.  Luckily for him, he’s not the only one.
  • Reports of my demise (part 1) — Gurtash relates the story of the trainees’ flight from the battle at the temple.  Led by blademaster Krimpatul, they take refuge in a nearby cave, but Alliance forces continue to pursue them.
  • Reports of my demise (part 2) — Gurtash finishes his tale: Krimpatul’s sacrifice buys the trainees the time they need to seal themselves safely in the cave.  Sadly for one trainee, the safety is short-lived.
  • Don’t blame the healer — One trainee’s death leaves another deeply shaken.  No time to grieve, though…we have unexpected company.
  • Clobberin’ time — When Garrosh and Varian find themselves thrown together in a remote cave, the resulting eruption of violence is enough to summon a sha into being.
  • Strange bedfellows — Being trapped with Varian, even briefly, without the option of horrific violence, is not good for Garrosh’s temper.
  • Between a saurok and a hard place — Garrosh and the DPS encounter saurok while seeking an escape route.  Tremors cause Gurtash to fall to a lower level of the cavern.
  • The dark below — An injured Gurtash regains consciousness and discovers a mysterious light, before Garrosh arrives.
  • Exit strategy — Amid cave-shattering tremors and not-inconsiderable hijinks, Garrosh and the trainees manage their escape from the saurok caves.
  • Remembered — The trainees lay a fallen comrade to rest, and Gurtash ponders the visions revealed to him in the cavern — including glimpses of Orgrimmar under siege.
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