When Is This?


That’s the short version.

Long, long ago, legend tells of a time when the Warchief’s Command Board corresponded fairly closely to the real-time events of WoW gameplay. Somewhere between Tides of War and the release of Mists of Pandaria, though, the blog started to fall behind, and it’s been operating in its own delayed timeframe ever since.

(Which is to say, I started coming up with so many ideas of stories, but had so little time to create the actual posts, that I had to decide between telling the stories I wanted, but falling behind Blizzard’s timeframe, and keeping up with Blizzard’s pace, but jettisoning a lot of potential content. Content won. Whether that was the right call, I leave up to you!)

Think of the blog as existing in comic book time, where Aunt May can be an 80-year-old woman for 40 years, and events that the characters experience in a day might span three or four months of real-time issues.

Still, the WCB’s unique continuity can probably be a bit confusing at times, so to help clarify what’s happened and when, here’s a handy-dandy timeline for reference…