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Where (almost) everybody knows your name


This is what I get for trying to take my mind off things.


You have logged on.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh nice

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I had to farm Regional Convention quite a few times, but it ended up working out.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] hi pwn

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Greetings, Warchief.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hey boss

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] it looks really good

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] especially with that chest

[Guild][Lorthemar] Just so I understand, you mean you’re able to change your armor to look like other armor?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I still need to work on a briefcase off-hand. Right now I’m still rather mismatched.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Evening, Garrosh.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] how are you holding up?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] yes its transmog

[Metzen] has logged on.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Eh

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I’ll live

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hey metzen

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Greetings, Metzen.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] How have you been?

[Guild][Lorthemar] So how does it work?

[Guild][Metzen] heya

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] are you sure you’re okay to be playing?

[Guild][Metzen] not bad

[Guild][Metzen] busy with work

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I mean I know you’re dealing with a lot right now

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, don’t feel like you have to log on because of the guild.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] you have to go to a tailor

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Basically you need to acquire a piece of gear whose appearance you’d like to duplicate; then you pay a fee to alter the appearance of the gear you want to change.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah we can hold down the fort here

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I’m okay

[Guild][Metzen] oh crap, you’re not talking transmog, are you?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] lol yup

[Guild][Lorthemar] Is the fee in real money or game money?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Ah, understood…what kind of work do you do? Not to be nosey, of course.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Metzen.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Well not okay but I’ll manage

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] They have been for about an hour.

[Guild][Metzen] ugh

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] game money

[Guild][Metzen] no its ok

[Guild][Lorthemar] Ah.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Right now it’s either this or sit around doing nothing but stewing

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah I can see that

[Guild][Metzen] i guess you can say i’m a supervisor at my work, we do a lot of different things really

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So I figure I might as well log on and try to distract myself

[Guild][Metzen] a lot of the work is sort of confidential so i cant be too specific

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] you don’t like transmog?

[Guild][Metzen] i dont mind it

[Guild][Metzen] if you want to waste your time on it thats your business

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] They haven’t built micro-transactions into the game for real money that way, Lorthemar.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Not yet

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] transmog is pretty much a cash sink they built in

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Give them time.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, no kidding.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Understood, Metzen. I certainly don’t want to intrude.

[Guild][Lorthemar] Oh and belated greetings, Omgipwnedurface.

[Guild][Metzen] its fine

[Guild][Lorthemar] And hello, Metzen.

[Guild][Metzen] right now i’m mostly trying to sort out plans for sort of a reclamation project in hillsbrad

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hey

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] They will eventually, just you watch.

[Guild][Metzen] hey lorthemar

[Guild][Metzen] are you new?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Interesting.

[Guild][Lorthemar] No.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I’ve done a fair bit of work there myself.

[Guild][Lorthemar] I’m pretty sure I joined the guild before you did, actually.

[Guild][Metzen] oh lol

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] anyway BQ that set of yours is coming along great, I still want to find a good uniform to transmog for myself

[Guild][Metzen] i guess you’re probably not on a lot

[Guild][Metzen] so i just havent seen you much

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] If you think a sounding board would help, I’d be happy to help as best I can. Depending on how much you’re at liberty to say, of course.

[Guild][Lorthemar] I’m on every day.

[Guild][Lorthemar] Usually for several hours at a time.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] You didn’t get something from your nurse class quests, Nightengayle?

[Guild][Metzen] oh

[Guild][Metzen] nice life, then

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] heh

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] I did, but those were all sort of the standard scrubs, I think I’d like to find one of those white one-piece ones

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I really do like him

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] um actually

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Spazzle, check your whispers a moment?

[Guild][Metzen] nah it should be fine livindead – just that we have some new workers there and their a little erratic

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] oh ok brb

[Guild][Metzen] just have to keep them on a short leash is all

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Oh *those*

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] yeah

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] I’ve seen a few of them around

[Guild][Metzen] i think proudleslie has one of those actually

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] They’re rare.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Why am I not surprised?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Don’t remind me

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Metzen, I’m very familiar with that problem. Perhaps if you could say a bit more about where in Hillsbrad you’re focusing your attention, I could help offer a few organizational suggestions.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] do you know where they come from

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Silvermoon

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha

[Guild][Lorthemar] What does that mean?

[Guild][Metzen] hmm maybe

[Guild][Metzen] sometimes its good to hear from someone who’s not involved with something

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] They’re a random drop in the Nevada sub-zone.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Exactly, Metzen.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh pooh

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] You can find them on the AH sometimes, but they’re usually pretty expensive since they’re a pain to farm up.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] But also fairly high in demand.

[Guild][Metzen] i seriously dont understand why people sink so much time and money into that kind of thing

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] yeah that makes sense

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] still a pain

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Right there with you, Metzen

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I understand why you’d like to get one.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Admittedly, most of the female gear models look a bit conservative for my tastes as well.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Personally I would run instances in a pink dress if it gave me the best stats

[Guild][Metzen] lmao pwn

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Or hell, Outland-looking gear

[Guild][Lorthemar] I don’t see what’s wrong with the outfits they’re talking about, really.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Hang on, don’t get crazy.

[Guild][Metzen] no, stay with the pink dress

[Guild][Metzen] it suits you better

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] haha

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | GarroshFuck you, Metzen

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] lol

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] hah

[Guild][Metzen] hehe

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Wait a minute

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Did anyone else see that?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] see what?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, wait, that was kind of peculiar.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | GarroshFuck you, Metzen

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh weird

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] …

[Guild][Metzen] yeah ok you made the joke once that’s enough haha

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, hold on

[Guild][Lorthemar] Um, what’s going on?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Fuck you, Bartleby

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] wtf

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Fuck you, Nightengayle

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Hey hold on, what did I do?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] double wtf!!

[Guild][Lorthemar] See, this is why I wonder about everyone here really being your friend…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Fuck you, Livindeadgrl

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Garrosh, seriously, what the hell?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] no no I know what he’s doing

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Garrosh.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Fuck you, Lorthemar

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] What is he doing, then?

[Guild][Lorthemar] Well I never!

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] control group

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Garrosh.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay now

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | GarroshFuck you, Mezten

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Warchief, please stop.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] what the hell is going on?

[Guild][Metzen] wtf dude it stopped being funny already

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Garrosh, please listen, we have an opportunity here if you just take a moment.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] really chief, you maybe want to listen to her

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] pwn I know you’re upset right now but it wont help you to push away your friends ok?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Warchief, please, you need to stop.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | GarroshFuck you, Metzen

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] ugh I tried

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] …

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OMG I KNOW WHO YOU ARE MOTHERFUCKER

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Could someone please explain what the hell is going on?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] -sigh-

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] ??

[Guild][Metzen] the hell?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] it’s varian

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] …What?


[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] And there goes Gilneas…

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] metzen is varian

[Guild][Metzen] dude are you going to explain what the hell you’re screaming about or have you just gone off the deep end?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | GarroshFUCK YOU, VARIAN

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Oh shit…

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hang on tabbing out

[Guild][Metzen] …

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] !!!

[Guild][Lorthemar] Wait, seriously?

[Guild][Metzen] how the hell did you know that

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] THE PURPLE PROSE DOESN’T LIE, YOU SON OF A BITCH

[Guild][Metzen] hold on, what do you care that I’m varian wrynn?!

[Guild][Lorthemar] Good heavens, it’s true?!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] omg garrosh!!

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] For FUCK’S SAKE stop acting like you don’t know, human!

[Guild][Metzen] garrosh?!?!?!?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] LIVE AND IN PERSON, BITCH!

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Well maybe not in person

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] BUT YOU GET THE IDEA

[Guild][Metzen] your an even bigger idiot than i thought

[Guild][Metzen] if you seriously think i would ever voluntarily join a guild

[Guild][Metzen] with you or any of you horde scum!!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] HEY

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] ok back

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh fuck have I got some bad news for you, asshole

[Guild][Lorthemar] I will have you know, sir, I am a proud leader of the Horde!

[Guild][Metzen] holy shit, you’re THAT lorthemar?!

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Where could you possibly have gone to in the middle of *this*?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Wait, he is?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] what lorthemar?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] news to me

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] -sigh-

[Guild][Lorthemar] I am indeed, sir!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] well ok whatevers going on with lorthemar, I’m rocking the horde pride too!

[Guild][Metzen] THE FUCK

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Oh well, cat’s out of the bag now.

[Guild][Metzen] how many of you are there in this damned guild

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] garona halforcen here, don’t believe we’ve met

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] At least one more, Varian.  Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, at your service.

[Guild][Metzen] OMG GARONA

[Guild][Metzen] and sylvanas??

[Guild][Metzen] wtf!!!

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Dude, you fucking joined a guild called <Warchief>

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh hey varian

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Either you knew who you were hooking up with, or you really are cosmically stupid, seriously

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] last time I saw your dad he told me something for you

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] he’s kind of got you there

[Guild][Metzen] …

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] ‘AAAAAAAAA!!!!!’

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lmao

[Guild][Metzen] omg

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha

[Guild][Metzen] listen you filthy half-breed, you just wait

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] until what?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] you type mean things at me?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] ^_^

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Okay, *that* was good.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah I’m thinking there’s not too much harm you can do by typing

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] thanks BQ

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] hahaha

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay so as fun as it is to give you an earful, Varian

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] and by the way, fuck you

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] oh and hey varian

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I think it’s time I show you the door

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] quick pro tip before you go – erase your internet history

[Guild][Metzen] ok listen orc scum

[Metzen] has been kicked from the guild.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] BAM

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] rofl

[Guild][Lorthemar] Huzzah!

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Okay, so that was pretty fun.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] so also

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hmm?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] that was totally true what I was saying, about how there wasn’t much harm varian could do by typing

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] well yeah, sticks and stones

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] key detail being, not much harm HE could do by typing

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] ME, on the other hand…

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Oh man.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Ohhhh…

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] What did you do, Spazzle?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I figured he was about to get kicked so I tabbed over before he had time to go offline, and um

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hehe

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] kind of backloaded a virus onto his computer

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OMG hahaha!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] no way

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] so yeah

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] in about five minutes the virus is going to access his address book

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] and e-mail a catalog of all the porn on his computer to everyone he knows

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] lmao

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] omg

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Dude that’s awesome

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] that

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] is

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] epic

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Spazzle, I think I love you. ^_^

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] 3P1C!!!

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, okay, I know it was awesome and all, Garona, but that’s no call for retard-speak

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] lol ok

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, so as much as I needed a good laugh today

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Time to get serious again

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] uh oh

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] What’s up?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, uh oh.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Do you two want to explain

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] how it is that apparently YOU knew that guy was Varian

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] and didn’t bother to tell me?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Oh man.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Shit just got real.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] sorry boss

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] That was my doing, Warchief.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Uh huh…I’m listening

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas]  “Metzen” had said a few things last week that made me suspicious, so I had Spazzle trace his IP address.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] He confirmed that Metzen was logging on from Stormwind.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] From there, it was simple enough…

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, so that covers the “how did you know” part

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I’m still waiting on the “why didn’t you fucking say something” part

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I didn’t intend to withhold the information from you indefinitely, Warchief.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah chief, we really were going to tell you

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I simply wanted to make absolutely sure by watching him a bit more in guild.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Also, I knew you would likely become upset when you learned Varian was in our guild…

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah go FIGURE that

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] and I thought I could find a way to make you aware without your kicking him out immediately.

[Guild][Lorthemar] It got quiet all of a sudden.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Have to admit, you do have kind of a temper, boss…

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, so first of all

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Are there any MORE juicy little secrets I should know about?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] well…

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OUT WITH IT

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] that usually means the officers are talking

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] well I also ran a trace on proudleslie

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh that’s right, they joined together

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Don’t tell me she’s Alliance too

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] She is indeed.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] um yeah

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I traced her ip to theramore

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Theramore

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OMG

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Ohhhh wait, this is making a lot more sense now.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Is Proudleslie Manageurdeath?!

[Guild][Lorthemar] Oh? About what?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Holy shit did that fucker actually roll an alt just to sneak into my guild?!

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Um…who is this you’re talking about?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] no no not him

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] garrosh’s old gm

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah so on top of everything, is he one of those dudes who run around with a girl toon? Because that’s kind of iffy if you ask me

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] probably you

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] No.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] no

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] No.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] not him, chief

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Theramore, Warchief.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Who else do you know from Theramore?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Someone who would be playing the game with Varian.

[Guild][Lorthemar] Oh…

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OH

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh for fuck’s sake, THAT slut?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yup

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Well to be fair, she…never mind. Yes, Warchief.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Great. Just great

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I do wish you hadn’t kicked him out so quickly, though, Warchief.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Why?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Why would we possibly want to have him sitting here in our midst?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] If we could have kept him without letting on that we knew his identity, I believe we could have plied valuable information from him about Alliance operations.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] she was already working on it

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] I have to admit, it could have been a good way to get some inside information.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No, you’re not getting it

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] You’re not getting it at all

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] not getting what?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] There was already too much inside information being passed around in this guild.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Warchief?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I need to go

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I need to go now.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Warchief, what is it?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I’ve got a bad feeling about this

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] For goodness’ sake, can you stop quoting machinima for two minutes?

You have logged off.


Chat log’d


I’ve been sinking a lot of time into Earth Online this week, so I figured I’d toss up another one of these logs from <Warchief> guild chat. We’ve been getting some new members joining, so that’s good, although now that it’s not just a bunch of people I know in real life, I’m having to be a little more careful about RL info. You know how it is. Actually, you probably don’t, seeing as most of you aren’t famous and important and shit like I am. Anyway, point being, I figure it will save us all some headaches in-game if everyone doesn’t know I’m Garrosh, or Sylvanas is Sylvanas, or…well, we’re the only ones who really matter, honestly. But you get the point.


You have logged on.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Dammit!

[Guild][Metzen] UGH

[Guild][Proudleslie] well at least we were closer that time

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hey chief

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hey

[Guild][Metzen] did you get all the interrupts there?

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, I did.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] greetings sir

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hey Gil

[Guild][Metzen] are you sure? it looked like he got one off at the end right when livin & i died

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] No, I got all of them.

[Guild][Metzen] it’s not showing up in the logs

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Let’s just finish running back, and we can argue about it later.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] What are you guys running?

[Guild][Proudleslie] heroic cc

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] ComicCon heroic

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Last boss

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Ah, okay, the comic dealer guy is kind of tough

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] So we’re finding.

[Guild][Metzen] yeah

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] All right, let’s get healed up and rebuffed.

[Nightengayle | Garona] has logged on.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hey gayle

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] hello nighten

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] ugh thank goodness

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] What’s wrong?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] It’s you guys and the new people in there, right?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] I got hacked

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] oh damn

[Guild][Metzen] oh yikes that sucks

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] not me

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Me, Mokvar, Metzen, and Proudleslie, yes.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Right, I didn’t mean you, Spaz

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] did you lose anything, gayle?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] don’t think so

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] looks like they restored everything

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] How are they doing?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Not bad.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] but I don’t think whoever hacked me was trying to steal stuff

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] why?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Fairly well, I’d say.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] well my toon is stuck out here in the middle of nowhere

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] egypt I think

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] weird

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Metzen’s a little pull-happy, seems like he just can’t stand to wait a couple seconds to start a new fight.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] The paramedic isn’t playing *badly*, although she seems to have kind of a low active time.

[Guild][Metzen] yeah that is odd

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] and if they just wanted to steal my stuff you would figure they’d have me parked by a post office

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hmm yeah

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I’m not sure if she’s just learning a new rotation or distracted or what.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] do you want me to do a little looking for you?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] sure

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] But they’re staying out of the bad and stuff like that?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] As far as I can tell, yeah.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] kk I’m going to e-mail you with a couple pieces of info I’ll need you to look up for me, then I can poke around a little

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] ok

[Guild][Metzen] oh damn, badcrumble’s like some master computer guy huh?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Dude, you have no idea

[Guild][Metzen] maybe he’s the one that hacked her haha

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Okay, let’s try this again.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Nah, he wouldn’t do that

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Plus he would be too busy reading comic books or something

[Guild][Metzen] haha nerd

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] …

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Heh… Yeah maybe, but he’s our nerd

[Guild][Metzen] lol

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Metzen, attention over here now please.

[Guild][Metzen] ok

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Let me know how it goes this time through

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I know that fight can be a pain in the ass

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Good luck

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Thanks.

[Dranosh | Utvoch] has logged on.

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] hey guys

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] um…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] wtf

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] …

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Dude

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] ?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] What the hell is up with your name?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] damn your an idiot

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] oh yeah i did a paid name change

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, I get that

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] figured i might as well get rid of the generic name and get a real one

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Right, and that’s fine

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] that’s not the point

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] But THAT name?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] yeah

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] NOT COOL, dude

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] totally not cool

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] um ok?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] /headdesk

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] sigh

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] NO

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] It is NOT “ok”

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] what’s wrong with this name?

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] it means heart of draenor in orcish

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT IT FUCKING MEANS

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] do you not know whose name that is?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] really really not cool

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] that’s really disrespectful

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] do you like know someone with this name?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] head

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] desk

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Um, YEAH

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] you think he would mind or something?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] And he was killed by the Lich King

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] he died

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] OH

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] crap

[Guild][Proudleslie] damnit

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] BAH

[Guild][Metzen] fuckkkk

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] ok ok i’ll go change it back

[Guild][Dranosh | Utvoch] be back later

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] still no luck?

[Dranosh | Utvoch] has logged off.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Well they’re not talking to…never mind

[Guild][Proudleslie] no

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] What’s killing you?

[Guild][Metzen] hey was that guys toon named after saurfangs kid?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah

[Guild][Metzen] that’s totally not cool

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] INORITE?

[Guild][Metzen] lights sake

[Guild][Metzen] I dont know what the hell is wrong with some people

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I’m not sure. It’s the same as last time; we seemed to be doing fine, and then the whole attempt fell apart.

[Guild][Metzen] i have a son myself, and if something happened to him i would be PISSED if someone went around using his name

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, I can imagine, Metzen

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Not cool at all

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, the boss just started one-shotting everyone.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I think it’s some kind of enrage.

[Guild][Proudleslie] its really frustrating

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Anyway

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] You’re using the superhero buffs, right?

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Yes.

[Guild][Proudleslie] if you want to swap me out for a better healer I’ll understand

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] I’m getting the utility belt, LivinDead is getting the golden lasso

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I don’t think it’s a healing issue, Leslie.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Metzen’s getting the green power ring

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] who has the web shooters?

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Wrong faction.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] That’s one of the other faction’s buffs.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] lol in my other guild we do the marvel ones

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, so you’ve got the buffs covered

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] You know what to do when he casts Zero Hour, right?

[Guild][Metzen] run out

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Get away from him till he finishes channeling, yeah.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Well yeah, run out

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh wait a minute

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Are we missing something?

[Guild][Proudleslie] mmmm yea you like when I do that?

[Guild][Proudleslie] oops sorry mistell!

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] …

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] wut

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] um

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OKAY MOVING ON

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I suppose that might account for her low active time…

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Just watch, she’s a human…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So yeah, you have to get out when he’s casting, but then you’ve got to get back to where you started the fight and retrace your steps

[Guild][Metzen] huh

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Ah, I think I’ve heard of this mechanic.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] It’s kind of a dance

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I just didn’t realize it was this fight.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, basically the game remembers all your movements for each cycle

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Any time you make a mistake retracing your steps, you get this stacking debuff called Retcon

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So every time the comic dealer does the Zero Hour reset, you have to get back to where you started

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] If your Retcon debuff stacks too high, his Nerdrage timer goes off and yeah, pretty much wipes the group right off

[Guild][Metzen] ahhh

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] This makes a lot more sense now.

[Guild][Proudleslie] it doesnt seem too hard

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Must…resist…easy…joke

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] -sigh- Men.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Okay, rebuff and let’s get this done.

[Guild][Metzen] kk

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hey gayle, still there?

[Lorthemar] has logged on.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] yes

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] so I did a little tracing on the logins for your account

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] you’re not going to believe this

[Guild][Lorthemar] Greetings, all!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] what?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] hi lorthemar

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] hey whos the new guy?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] well I think I’ve tracked down who the hacker was

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] It wasn’t Sylvanas, was it? Please tell me it wasn’t Sylvanas

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] actually since he brought it up, who IS the new guy?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Friend of Sylvanas

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] …

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] who?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] the new guy, lorthemar

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] no not that who

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] the hacker who

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] the hacker who what?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] check this out

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] The hacker who HACKS YOUR SKULL INTO LITTLE TINY BITS if you don’t SHUT UP

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I’m pretty sure your account was hacked by brann bronzebeard

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] sorry sir

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] omg

[Guild][Lorthemar] Brann Bronzebeard, the explorer?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] wow thats fucked up

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No, Brann Bronzebeard the district attorney. OF COURSE the explorer

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah, I double and triple checked on this

[Guild][Lorthemar] Oh wow.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] the suspicious logins were all coming in through a wireless network very few people use

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] since when is brann bronzebeard a hacker?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh, man, that dude could NEVER resist poking around places he doesn’t belong

[Metzen] has earned the achievement [Heroic: Comic Con]!

[LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] has earned the achievement [Heroic: Comic Con]!

[Bartleby | Mokvar] has earned the achievement [Heroic: Comic Con]!

[Proudleslie] has earned the achievement [Heroic: Comic Con]!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] grats!

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] grats

[Guild][Lorthemar] Congratulations, all!

[Guild][Metzen] whew

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Well that was much easier.

[Guild][Proudleslie] woot!

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] And of course…he drops teacher gear.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh dammit!

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] anyway gayle, I’ll send you what I found in case you want to contact support about it

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] The itemization is far from ideal, but I might take it to play around with for off-sepc.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] ok thanks

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Sure, all yours.

[Guild][Metzen] its just a pawn shop voucher to the rest of us

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Anyway, though, grats guys

[Guild][Proudleslie] ty pwn! =)

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Thanks.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] See, all you needed was the intervention of my SUPREME BRILLIANCE

[Guild][Metzen] oh good, now he’s going to be even more full of himself

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] lol

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh you have no idea

[Guild][Metzen] hey speaking of which

[Guild][Metzen] how many guild leaders does it take to change a light bulb?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Oh boy, here we go

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] haha

[Guild][Lorthemar] How many?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Thanks for the help, though, Garrosh, really.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No biggie

[Guild][Metzen] just one – he holds it still, and the whole world revolves around him

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] haha

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Fuck you, Metzen

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] i dont get it

[Guild][Metzen] lmao

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Haha

[Guild][Metzen] just kidding – I’m kind of in charge at my job irl so I know what a pain it can be

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, it’s cool

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I mean, joking around is cool

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Being in charge of stuff not so much sometimes

[Guild][Metzen] yeah but then, who knows what idiot would be making a mess of everything otherwise

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Hmm.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I like this guy.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, he seems pretty good.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hmm what?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Oh nothing.

[Guild][Metzen] anyway i should probably get going

[Guild][Metzen] need to go pick my son up at the priest trainers

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Just a passing thought.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Huh.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] k metzen

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] cya

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] What?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Later man

[SteveKravitz | Utvoch] has logged on.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Why are you being all cryptic all of a sudden

[Guild][Lorthemar] Farewell!

[Metzen] has logged off.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Never mind, don’t mind me.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Probably nothing.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] brb

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] no I’m just logging on now

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] hey man

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] um…yeah you are

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] why the ‘no’?

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] someone said farewell when i came on

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Have you people seriously not figured out not to ask him to explain when he says something fucked up?

[Guild][Lorthemar] That was me, but I wasn’t talking to you.

[Guild][Lorthemar] That was for Metzen.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] oh

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] oh ok

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] oh hey are you new?

[Guild][Lorthemar] Um…not really.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] huh ok

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] so anyway i changed my name back

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] obviously

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] so yeah that was some wasted gold

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] probably for the best, though

[Guild][Proudleslie] mmmmmm yea shoot it all over me

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] yeah i guess

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] omg

[Guild][Proudleslie] omg so so so sorry mistell!!

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] …

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] lol wut

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] HEY HEY HEY HEY


[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] what did i miss

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Wow…just…wow.

[Guild][Proudleslie] soooooo sorry!!!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] you want us to answer that chronologically or in order of magnitude?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] The fuck is wrong with people, seriously

[Proudleslie] has logged off.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] Welcome to the internet…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay so on THAT note

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] no seriously what did i miss

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I should get going in a minute. I need to help my mom with something

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] ok boss

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] ya i was just helping ur mom with something

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, because

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] um…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hold it

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] …

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Oh no

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hang on a minute

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] ok so even i know that was kind of dumb

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So I realize that “ha ha I fucked your mom ha ha” jokes are like the bread and butter of chat line retards all over the internet

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] is it weird that I’m not even in the same room as him and I’m seriously looking for something to hide behind?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] But usually when you say that shit, you’re not saying it to, you know, somebody who KNOWS WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] lol

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Right there with ya, Spaz.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] and can GET THERE in like TEN MINUTES

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] sorry sir

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] wont happen again

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah you better believe it won’t, fuckwit

[Guild][Lorthemar] Please don’t take offense, but are you all sure you’re really friends?

[Guild][Lorthemar] Because, well…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No, not at all

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Welcome to the guild, by the way. Not sure if we’ve properly met

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] i think he just joined

[Guild][Lorthemar] Um…

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] ANYWAY, as I was saying

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] My mom’s been saying she’d like to go to Grom’s monument in Ashenvale

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] And I’ve got a bunch of stuff I need to get done here the next couple days

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, that makes sense if she hasn’t been there.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] But I’m going to try to clear things out so we can take a trip over there during the weekend

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So I should probably go take care of some of that

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] kk boss, see you later

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] back

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] cya

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] l8r sir

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] sorry again

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] bye sir

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Later people

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] And Dontrag

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] yes sir

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Sleep lightly

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] haha

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] pwned lol

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Take it easy, chief.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Spazzle, did you say you can track IP addresses from logins?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yup

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I’d like you to check something for me if you don’t mind.

You have logged off.


Welcome to [Warchief]


I’m back in Orgrimmar. After we wrapped up things in Garadar, I took sort of a leisurely trip by land to Shattrath with Lakkara. From there we took one of the portals to Orgrimmar. You should have seen the look on my mother’s face the first time she came up with me from the Cleft of Shadow and saw the Valley of Strength.

Since then I’ve been showing her around Orgrimmar and a little of Durotar. At first I figured I was going to take her on this whirlwind tour around Kalimdor and show her everything, but I forget ALL of this is TOTALLY new to her, so it’s probably better to take our time and give her a chance to take it all in. Even little things, like the fact that she hadn’t ever really seen trolls before. Or Forsaken, for that matter…although she was a lot less freaked out over seeing them walking around town than I figured she would be. I guess she just feels for anybody who’s had a rough time of it. Anyway, for the time being I have her set up with her own quarters here in Grommash Hold, upstairs.

While she’s been getting settled and resting, I’ve had a chance to hop back online and get some Earth Online time. The guild had gotten off to a slow start, since I ended up having a lot of distractions keeping me from the game, but I think we’re starting to get things together. Spazzle also set me up with this thing that lets me log our in-game guild chat, so I’m going to try using it here and give you guys a peek at what we’ve been up to. He even had some add-on that let me tag players in the game with their real names (or whatever names I want to label them with) so both names show up in the game chat. Makes it easier for me to keep things straight sometimes, but I figure it’ll make these logs a hell of a lot easier for you all to make sense of.

Anyway, here goes:


[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So Spaz, how are things coming along on the guild web site?

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Don’t we already have a web site?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yes and no

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] We have a site that we use, but it’s not totally ours

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] How’s that?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] you know, it’s one of those prefab ones you can get at a host site.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] they’re fine and all, they give you the basics of what you need, but they don’t give you a whole lot of room to customize

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] or for that matter even really have direct control of the site

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] which is fine if you’re just wanting something to get started with, or if you just don’t have someone who knows web design

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Which obviously we do

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] this way I can custom build it, and have direct control over security, track IP addresses, etc.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, and after all the trouble I’ve been having on the blog the last month or so, I want us to have more control of the guild site

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Ahh, got it.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So how’s it coming along?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] pretty well

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I think it should be up and running pretty soon

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] sorry it’s been taking so long, but I ended up losing a bunch of time getting the blog secured again after all the hacking that was going on

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So you finally have that locked down now?

[SteveKravitz | Utvoch] has logged on.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah, I think so.  I set up a much tougher firewall

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] it should be a LOT harder for anyone to get through it

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] a firewall wtf?

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] we’re got walls of fire here now?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No, not like that

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Hey Dontrag.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] no, this is utvoch

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] hey though

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] I always get them mixed up.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] it’s a firewall for Garrosh’s blog

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] If it makes you feel any better, I usually have to keep a little crib sheet on me

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I still slip up every so often

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] we’re not going to have to start farming fire resist gear now, are we?

[GilbertRose | Dontrag] has logged on.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] server back up?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] sup Dontrag

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No, it’s not a firewall like that

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Not in the game

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] no, not dontrag, this is utvoch, i just said

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] no, not you

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] He wasn’t talking to you.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] walls of fire? are we doing one of the burning building scenarios?

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] Dontrag just logged on

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] oh i missed that

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] shouldnt we maybe recruit someone who plays a fire fighter before we try one of those

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] “oh i missed that” he says – I bet he gets tired of having to say that

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No, we’re not talking about BB scenarios. It’s a firewall Spazzle set up for my blog

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] you have a blog?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] …

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] hah

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] ah ok

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Um, yes, I do

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Didn’t he write in for one of your mailbags, too?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garroshhttps://warchiefscommandboard.com

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, he did

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha, that’s great.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Clearly you and I have very different notions of “great”

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] oh cool

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] i will make a point of reading it, sir

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] are you sure you want them reading it?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] as will i, great gl/warchief sir

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I mean, you kind of make fun of them a lot on it, call them stupid, etc.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I don’t say anything on the blog that I wouldn’t say to their faces

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Watch

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Also you’re assuming they would get half of the jabs he takes at them.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Dontrag

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Utvoch

[LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] has logged on.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] You guys know you’re fucking idiots, right?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] yes, sir

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] yes sir

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] sorry sir

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Ah, I see our esteemed Warchief is once again demonstrating his inimitable leadership skills.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] great apologies, sir

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] i’m doing my best to remedy my failings with my extension courses, sir

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] morning, dark lady

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hey, we don’t all have the benefit of having all our underlings auto-brainwashed and under our thrall, Sylvanas

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] By the way, what’s up with your names, you two? They seem kind of…generic.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Good day, Utvoch.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] You wound me yet again, Warchief.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] yeah we both just used one of the randomly generated names

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] no this is dontrag

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] wait, under thrall?

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] is thrall coming back?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] you kind of walked right into that one, boss

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No. Thrall isn’t coming back

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, I know

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Who told them about this guild again?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] thrall said he was coming back?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] when was this? i missed it

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] lol

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Thrall

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Is not

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Coming back

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] You could not pay me to be Warchief, honestly.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] ah okay, if you say so, sir

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] truly it is a blessing that the horde has such an embarrassment of riches in our leadership

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] We have an embarrassment, all right

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So hey, while you guys are here and Sylvanas is on

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I was thinking it might be good to make her an officer

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] For real?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] she was the one who was hacking into the blog, wasn’t she?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle]  ell one of them

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, yeah, I know. But hear me out

[Nightengayle | Garona] has logged on.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Good morning, Garona.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] morning garona

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] First off, even though she did hack into the blog, I have to give her props for the way she shut Varian down

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] hi BQ.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] hi dontrag.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] yeah, that was pretty funny

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] No, that’s Utvoch.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] She’s been playing this game for a while and knows a bunch of the classes really well, plus she DID server transfer just to join this guild

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] no its not

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] is it? damn I thought I got it right this time.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] no, you got it right

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] that is true, she did

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] i’m dontrag

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] he’s utvoch

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Are you sure?

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Plus, you know, I’ve been thinking lately, maybe I’ve been a little too hard on her. I mean, to be fair, being tortured to death has to do a number on you

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] i think we know who we are

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I would think you would know you are, as well.

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] If you think so. It probably wouldn’t be a bad gesture, since she’s the de facto leader over in Eastern Kingdoms.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Apparently, however, there is some uncertainty in the matter.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] now you’re just messing with them lol.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] ^_^

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah that too. And also as far as the hacking goes, I think maybe if we put her on the inside, she might be less likely to want to try messing with things

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] Yeah, maybe.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] hmm yeah

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] so what are you guys up to?

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] well, if you think so, boss, it’s your call

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] I need to jet in a little while, though. I have to go meet up with my cousin Khizzara

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] it’s new comic book day down at the shop!

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Just sorting out some day trading.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] d and i are just sparring outside washington

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] we should probably get back to leveling though

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] kk Spazzle

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] yeah, me too.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] what level are you guys?

[LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] has been promoted to the rank Officer.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] 34

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] grats!

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] 33 here

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] ^_^

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Thank you, dear Guild Leader.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] grats BQ.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] welcome aboard, sylvanas

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Thank you!

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] No problem, Sylvanas. I figure you know the game well, plus, you know, it’s always nice to actually have someone with a few IQ points in a leadership position

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] you know in my other guild over on palin I’m an officer too, as a matter of fact.

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Indeed.

[Officer][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] anyway, hate to greet and run, but I have get going

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Take care, Spazzle.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] anyway boo, you guys are too high level for me.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] was going to say we should group up.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] unless you want to run a lvl 19 nurse through a couple lowbie instances… <3

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I appreciate your trust, good GL, and will of course do my best to serve the guild well.

[Guild][MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] gotta run for a little while, guys. back later!

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] i guess we could, sure

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] cya spazzle

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Later, Spazzle.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] <3

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Going quiet for a few, everyone, need to get this quest done for my class trinket

[MrBadcrumble | Spazzle] has logged off.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] bye spazzle

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] damn, missed him

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Before you get too far into your quest, Garrosh, would it be all right if I invited a friend to the guild?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] He’s fairly new to the game, but I’m sure he’ll learn quickly. Plus he doesn’t really get out a lot, so it might be nice for him to have some new people to interact with.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Yeah, that should be fine

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] where should we meet you garona

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Anyway, busy for a few

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] I’m over in moscow now.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] I have a couple quests to do in the kremlin if we could do that.

[Lorthemar] has joined the guild.

[Lorthemar] has been promoted to the rank Recruit.

[Lorthemar] has been promoted to the rank Member.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] ok

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Welcome, Lorthemar.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Welcome!

[Guild][Lorthemar] Thank you!

[Guild][Lorthemar] Greetings, guildmates!

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] sup

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] who’s the new guy?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] o.O

[Guild][Lorthemar] Lor’themar Theron, at your service!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh so I guess you just didn’t have enough characters to put the last name on your toon?

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] I think there’s a mod you can use to get around that.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] oh hey is that supposed to be like whats her face from the quest chain?

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Who?

[Guild][Lorthemar] Well…no. That’s just my name.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] that npc, another theron i think

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] charlize?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Charlize, yeah.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] No, but wait, no, that’s not what he’s going for.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] oh wow so you’re into like that total immersion thing, huh?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] yeah thats her

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] she’s in a few in-game cinematics too.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Not many of those are really worth watching, though.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] is your toon supposed to be related to her or something?

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Ugh, too much RP.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] they are as long as you turn off your speakers

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] …

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] just sayin

[Guild][Lorthemar] I’m a little confused.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] I must admit, I’m a little baffled as well.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] it’s okay, the game throws a lot at you at once, it gets easier to keep track of once you play a little.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] why, BQ? you’ve been playing this game longer than me.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] No…not like that.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Lorthemar is literally THE Lor’themar Theron.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] ok…

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] right, he said that

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] and…?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] …

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] What?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Lor’themar Theron.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Regent Lord of Quel’thalas.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] not ringing any bells

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] The leader of the blood elves.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] oh.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] If you say so.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] wait, didn’t we kill him a couple years ago?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Never mind.

[Guild][Lorthemar] I really am confused now.

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] No, that was…you know what, forget it. Welcome to the guild, Lor’themar.

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] yeah i’m starting to get a little lost too

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay, back

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] And check this out

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] wb.

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] Checking.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] welcome back sir

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So I was doing my teacher class quest to upgrade my gradebook trinket

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] And I finish the quest, and since I was in an instanced inner city school zone, when I zone out I’m PVP flagged, right?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] So this random guy sees me and decides he’s going to try and gank me.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Only now I’ve got my shiny new trinket, and I blow all my upgraded lesson buffs at once, and BAM, drop the scrub like a freshman-year undeclared pre-med major

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] haha awesome

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Welcome back, Garrosh.

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] woot

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] And I’m all doing a /detention emote on him like “WHAM!  You got SCHOOLED, bitch!” haha

[Guild][Bartleby | Mokvar] haha

[Guild][Lorthemar] I’m not sure I really follow all that, but I’m sure it was a glorious victory, Warchief.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] They don’t call me Omgipwnedurface for nothing

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] indeed sir

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] they call you that because you entered it on the character creation screen

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Speaking of triumphant returns, by the way, I heard a rumor that Thrall was coming back. Is it true?

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Um okay

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] OMG not that again

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] yeah i heard someone talking about that earlier too

[Guild][Lorthemar] Really? Thrall’s returning? Do you know anything about when?

[Guild][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Seems he’s being very cagey about the details.

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Sylvanas, why do you insist on confusing the stupid?

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] huh interesting

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] yeah sounds like he’s trying to keep it hush hush

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] Sorry, dear Warchief. It’s just so easy!

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] didn’t garrosh already say that wasn’t happening?

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] And it’s so fun to drop heavy things on the fools’ heads. They make such an entertaining splat.

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] yeah he did but people are still talking about it so i dont know

[Officer][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Hang on brb

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] that could just be thralls cover story too

[Guild][Lorthemar] I must admit, history isn’t terribly promising when it comes to leaders who allegedly are gone for good.

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Okay peeps

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] yeah thats true, like everyone said we killed you a couple years ago and here you are back again

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] I need to log off for a little while

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] My mom wants me to get off the computer

[Guild][Nightengayle | Garona] bye garrosh

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Plus she’s only been in Orgrimmar a day so I should make sure she’s not going to get lost or something

[Guild][GilbertRose | Dontrag] cya sir

[Guild][SteveKravitz | Utvoch] l8r

[Guild][Lorthemar] Be well, Warchief. Give my best to Mother Hellscream!

[Guild][Omgipwnedurface | Garrosh] Later guys

[Officer][LivinDeadGrl | Sylvanas] So…is it always like this?

[Officer][Bartleby | Mokvar] You really don’t read the blog, do you?

You have logged off.