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Maybe this will start getting us some answers


New update from Dustwallow. I just got word from Brackenwall that our forces have captured a Grimtotem raider involved in the ogre attacks. As it turns out, Krog, Dontrag, and Utvoch were able to lay a trap to lure some Grimtotem out, with the help one of the Stonemaul ogres, name of Ogron. I guess Ogron used to stand watch on the activities of Paval Reethe and other Theramore humans, but ever since Reethe’s death he hasn’t had a whole lot to do, but he just kept hanging out in the swamp out of habit pretty much…so it was easy enough to use him to lure some Grimtotem out for an attack, because hey, lone, unattended ogre.

Except, of course, he wasn’t unattended. Krog, Dontrag, and Utvoch were all standing under cover, and apparently D&U had some elaborate plan for how to spring the trap once some Grimtotem showed up, involving smoke bombs and goblin gadgets and tar traps and some shit like that. Only when the Grimtotem attacked, D&U got too busy bickering over the details of the trap, and totally got themselves distracted from what was going on, and meanwhile Ogron was getting beaten like a rented mule (really not sure if that’s more sad or more funny), so Krog just came out and ambushed them. He managed to kill three Grimtotem by himself, and get the last one running – all of this while Dontrag and Utvoch are still arguing like an old married couple, mind you – and finally Krog ended up chasing him until the raider tripped on branch and went flying smack into one of D&U’s tar traps. Which they couldn’t have been more pleased about, once they noticed.

So I guess it all worked out in the end. He would have gotten away if it wasn’t for those meddling orcs, or some such.

So, they’ve brought the raider back to Brackenwall village for questioning. We might have Draz’Zilb do some kind of magic mojo to help Krog and company get him talking. With any luck we’ll start getting some answers about what’s going on with the Grimtotem.