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Pilgrim’s Bounty


So here’s some funny timing for you — the pandas join the Horde and arrive in Orgrimmar, right? And when do they turn up? Just in time for Pilgrim’s Bounty to kick in. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how much those pandas love to eat, and what’s more, the Pilgrim’s Bounty feasts consist pretty much entirely of foods the panda’s haven’t seen much of before…so as we speak, Ji Firepaw and his gang and running around hitting up every feast table they can find. They seemed like they were a little wary of Thunder Bluff at first — apparently there’s some offshoot race of tauren down there in Pandaria, so they weren’t so sure what to make of our version, but they seem warming up fast enough. Also, how many offshoot tauren races ARE there? First the taunka and now this? I’m starting to think it was a fucking miracle when Nazgrim had his whole deal in Vashj’ir that he didn’t run into a race of fucking sea cows.

Anyway…hope everyone is having a good Pilgrim’s Bounty. Eat up, rest up, all that good stuff. And watch out for pandas. Seriously. From what I’m hearing, they’re sweeping across the countryside clearing every table they can find. I’m telling you, get your food and then do NOT look away from it. Take your eyes off that second helping of cranberries at your own risk. Don’t blame me if you look back and find a big furry black-and-white face picking its teeth and spouting off something like, “To ask what happened to your turkey is to ask where I came from. I came from somewhere where they recently ran out of turkey. Perhaps there is a better question.”