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More eye candy


The last few days (while I’ve been recovering from my latest round of WTFs) I’ve had Spazzle sorting through more of the photos that you all have been sending in, and incorporating them into the blog. There’s still a ton left for him to work on, so you can expect more pics to break up the walls of text every so often. Thanks as always to everyone who’s been sending in pictures to help pimp out the Command Board — and remember, there are still a ton of posts that either have no pictures at all, or could still benefit from some extra illustration (a caption-friendly pic for some of the transcripts would be especially cool, I think). So, you have your homework — get out there!

In the meantime, here’s credit-where-it’s-due for the folks who’ve had their contributions added the last couple of days:


Angelya from Revive and Rejuvenate:


Regular reader and commenter Eravia:


Khizzara from Blog of the Treant:


Rioriel from Postcards From Azeroth:


Regular reader and commenter ZugZug:


And finally, a bunch more of my own that I’ve added to:


Finally, one last shout out to Rioriel for the header picture on this post, which totally doesn’t connect to the actual content of the post in any way, but I can’t really think of a way to use it anywhere else and it’s just too damn awesome not to put on the blog somewhere, because SRSLY LOOK AT THAT SHIT.

One last note — last call for your contributions to this coming Monday’s mailbag. Remember, last time I asked all you Earth Online pet owners to write in with pictures of your in-game companion pets. If you haven’t yet (AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, DON’T THINK I DON’T), hurry up and get to it! And as always, general letters and questions for your Warchief are always welcome. Send (d) all the above to garrosh1337@gmail.com — YOUR WARCHIEF DEMANDS IT!


Eye candy


So, a couple weeks ago I put the word out that I was looking for pictures to add to the posts here at the Command Board, and a whole bunch of you stepped up to the plate. As some of you might have noticed, over the last few days I’ve had Spazzle working overtime incorporating the images and updating the posts with proper credit. But I thought it would also be good to take the time here to acknowledge everyone who’s provided contributions so far, and make note of where some of the new goodies are for those of you who’d rather go right to the posts in question.

(Personally I think you should just go back to the beginning of the blog, reread everything, and find the new pictures as you get to them, but hey, that’s just me. SOME people, I guess, are just too lazy to take a second pass through a FUCKING LITERARY MASTERPIECE.)

So, with no further ado, some much deserved thanks goes out to…


Angelya from Revive and Rejuvenate, whose images have been added to the posts:


Khizzara from Blog of the Treant, whose images have been added to the posts:


Rioriel from Postcards From Azeroth, who generously donated the pre-photoshopped versions of a mountain of his images — which have been added to the posts:


Clara from Come Get tha Voodoo, whose awesome nighttime shot of Cenarion Hold originally appeared in enhanced form over at Postcards From Azeroth — Rioriel included this image in the batch he’d sent me, and rightly noted that Come Get tha Voodoo should get proper credit. The image in question has been added to:


Rades from  Orcish Army Knife, whose images have been added to the posts:


Regular reader and commenter ZugZug, whose images have been added to the posts:


And, finally, for those of you keeping score at home, I’ve added some of my own snapshots to a bunch more of the posts, specifically:


Thanks to everybody who’s sent contributions in so far. And by all means, keep them coming — if you think you’ve got some pictures from your travels that would fit well with any of the posts here, send them along to me. Even if the post you’re thinking of already has a header image, send it along — I might still work it into the post somehow, or, who knows, it might turn out to be handy for an upcoming post. The important thing is that you’re joining in and becoming part of the team. Because YOUR WARCHIEF IS NOTHING IF NOT A BUILDER OF COMMUNITY.

That’s all for today. Mailbag this Monday — be sure to get those last-minute letters and questions in to garrosh1337@gmail.com by Sunday afternoon to make the final cut!  YOUR WARCHIEF DEMANDS IT.


Calling freelance snapshotters


I’m taking a day here in Orgrimmar to rest up a bit before I follow up on the lead I’d gotten on the nutjob ex-DEHTA guy. Also lining up a few support people to bring with me to Stranglethorn Vale. While I’m here, I figured I’d tend to a few odds and ends for the blog.

So, first and foremost – those of you who are regular readers have probably noticed that over the last week or so, I’ve been adding pictures into my posts at a regular clip. (And those of you who are NOT regular readers – WHY THE HELL NOT? DO NOT CURRY THE WRATH OF YOUR WARCHIEF, PEON.) Strictly speaking, it hasn’t been me doing it – Spazzle mentioned that it might be nice to put some pictures into the blog, break up the walls of text (if only someone could make pictures come out of Tirion’s mouth when he gets rolling, amirite?), that sort of thing. I took that as him volunteering for the job, and told him to get to work.

The posts have been looking nice enough with the added illustrations that I’d kind of like to work a few into the earlier posts too. But, fact of that matter is, Spazzle doesn’t have what you’d call an extensive picture gallery, and for some reason the lazy fucker doesn’t seem too thrilled at the idea of spending the next few weeks flying all around Azeroth collecting more.

So, here’s where I turn to you, MY LOYAL READERS AND MINIONS. Here’s your chance to BECOME A PART of the blog you love so dearly! Okay, granted, a much less awesome part than I am, but still, a pretty legit part! So here it is. Have some pictures from your travels that you think would go well with your favorite post here on the Command Board? Well, consider this my official call for submissions. Send your images to me at garrosh1337@gmail.com, along with an indication of which post you have in mind for it. If it looks like a good fit to me, I’ll have Spazzle hook it up.

I’ll credit the image to you on the edited post, including a link to your own blog or web site if you have one and, you know, it’s not part of some sketchy scam to spread keyloggers or something. DON’T THINK I WON’T HAVE MY PEOPLE CHECK ON THAT SHIT. Once the updated post goes live, I’ll make an announcement on Twitter, and I’ll probably also do a mini-post here every so often pointing out which older posts have had some nice shiny eye candy added to them.

Spazzle tells me that ideally, your images should be large enough and high enough resolution that they can be cropped or edited and still look reasonably good. He’s generally going for letterbox-ish dimensions, so if your images lend themselves to that, all the better. Whatever any of that shit means.

There might also be a few minor odds and ends about layout and formatting and such, but I’ll deal with people individually as it becomes necessary. Or rather, I’ll have Spazzle deal with them, because I have more important things to do with my time. Like, you know, figure out why there are armies of woodchucks running around with nunchaku.

Speaking of which, I need to go pack. Stranglethorn awaits.


Spazzle Speaks: Mailbag Request


Hey, what’s up?

Spazzle here again. Just wanted to chime in and give everybody an update, and also make a request. Garrosh has been getting back to normal again the last few days. (Well, about as normal as things get for him.) (I probably should have known better than to say that. He does read this sometimes.) But he’s still taking everything pretty hard. I can’t really blame him; I can’t imagine what it must be like to find your long-lost mom again, then lose her, then… <sigh> Anyway, he left last night to go back to Nagrand for a few days. He’s staying in contact with us here in Orgrimmar, but some time out there will probably do him good.

I have a request for everybody for when he gets back again. Garrosh has been so busy dealing with everything else lately that he really hasn’t had much of a chance to check on his mail. I think maybe having some letters to respond to might help him get his mind off of everything else that’s been going on, and let him get back in a more comfortable space. So if you guys could be sending him some mail, maybe a few random Warchief-ish questions like the old days, I think it might do him some good.

Or, maybe even better, you could take a different approach to helping him via the mail. Maybe a show of solidarity. If you happen to find yourself near Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale, or the Ancestral Grounds in Nagrand, maybe take a minute to stop and pay your respects? To Grom, or Lakkara, or both…and Garrosh by extension. If you include a picture of yourself there in your note to the Warchief, that could be nice for him to see, to know he’s not going it alone. Maybe even toss the picture up on your own blog if you have one, since I know Garrosh reads around quite a bit, even if he usually stays a lurker.

If you ever need anything,



The damn meme thing, sort of


By this point you’ve probably seen this “6th of 6th” picture-sharing meme that’s been going around the web and spreading like wildfire. A few days ago, Rades from Orcish Army Knife (Which, by the way, would be a sword. An orcish army knife would be a huge frigging sword.) tagged me for this thing, which means now I’m supposed to make a post where I go into the sixth subdirectory of my screenshots folder, and post the sixth image.

Now, I knew Earth Online was a pretty popular game, but I didn’t realize it was so widespread that the whole blogosphere could work under the assumption that EVERYBODY was playing it and would have a screenshots folder. Only problem is, I don’t actually take screenshots of my Earth Online gaming. So what I guess I’ll do is use some of my own personal pictures since that’s pretty much all I’ve got. (Also, I have to ask – the sixth subdirectory? People actually have six subdirectories? Of their screenshots? People take that many screenshots AND get that organized about it? You know where I have every single picture of any kind on my whole computer? In one folder. Called “Pictures.” The end. Do you people ever go outside?)

Anyway, counting down to the sixth picture, we get this little gem:


I took this one when I was flying through Loch Modan a long time ago, around the time we were first setting up shop in Twilight Highlands with the Dragonmaw. It was at Ironband’s Excavation Site. I just thought the statue here was kind of cool-looking. Funny thing is, there actually is an Earth Online tie-in here. The random statue gets referenced in the game in a major way – there’s a big huge giant version of the exact same statue that’s a major landmark in one of the main cities, which is kind of a cool mini-reference for anybody who would actually notice it. Like I’ve said before, they do a lot of referencing like that in the game, which is kind of fun to spot.

So…I’m also supposed to pick six more people to “tag” for this meme thing, but I’ve kind of got a problem. At this point, this meme has been going on for a while, and I’m not sure if there are many people left who haven’t done it.  I’ve been going through the blogs I keep an eye on, and for the life of me I can’t find THREE that haven’t done this already, much less six. So…as much as this might be a cop-out, I’m just going to issue a general tagging – if you’re reading this, and you blog, and you haven’t done this thing yet, well, guess what? You’re tagged. DON’T THINK I WON’T KNOW IF YOU IGNORE YOUR WARCHIEF’S DRAFT NOTICE.

Anyway, while I have my picture folder open, I figured I’d also put this one out there. And since I’m dancing around the standard meme requirement by issuing a blanket tagging, I figure, what the hell, here’s another blanket “tagging” for everyone else to work on right here on-site (or on-blog, or whatever). Extra picture below, of me and Saurfang back in Northrend – all that’s missing is a caption.


Caption away, my minions – the comments section awaits!