Professional courtesy





Allow me to introduce...
30 Days of Character Development #7: Mokvar

9 Responses to Professional courtesy

  1. Love the Shayari Sass. She is styling!



  2. Funny as always, thanks for sharing – I always look forward to the things that you publish.

  3. Cygnia says:

    I’m gonna miss good guy Movkar…

  4. khizzara says:

    I love Shay and Deliana. And the “Oh yeah, we have two scribes now!”

    Also… Is that Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Awesome! XD

  5. Briyanna says:

    (( There is so much win in the last two that I squeed out of my chair! ))

    Oh my.. I.. I’m not sure I …
    This is going to get very interesting. Interesting to the point where I’m not sure if I should find a bowl of popcorn or rolls of bandages…

    I am glad you didn’t lose your temper, Warchief… I know you don’t like things not going to plan or not knowing what may be going on behind you, but sometimes, we do what we must so things work out in the long run.

    You know the saying, I’m sure: “It is easier to beg forgiveness than request permission.”
    Sometimes it should be “It is more efficient to progress and ask forgiveness for perceived insubordination than to let an opportunity go and ask for permission or instruction as it slips away.”

  6. Alayea says:

    Why not have da both of ’em do der thing? Gotta have both text and pictures for da record! >;)

    Also, dat rock, paper and scissors thing… Me lose dat a lot. No likey. 🙁

  7. Mirembe says:

    Aww Gurtash! You get to do your scribe thing! I feel bad for Mr. Mokvar, though, since he’s been your scribe for a really long time.


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