The Horde is family (part 3)


Picking up where we left off last time


* Ariok started asking Spazzle about his father, Eitrigg (who’s been more and more on the outs with Garrosh lately, such as here), before Mokvar turned up and…you know…started telling his life story.


* After Ji took off in search for Mokvar against Garrosh’s objections, Spazzle had this conversation with Vol’jin here.



Mak'gora, verbal style
Monday mailbag

4 Responses to The Horde is family (part 3)

  1. Awwwh. Tender moments with a side of gore.

  2. Cygnia says:

    ((Dear Blizzard — hire Averry))

  3. Ritaba says:

    Good job Spazzle.


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