Inside job



* Mokvar went to Neeru Fireblade here, seeking leads in his hunt for the Nether Prism. Garrosh would be less than thrilled to know about this, given the role Neeru played in the fall of Orgrimmar in the alternate timeline that Garrosh and Mokvar experienced during the Timequake storyline.


* This exchange was part of Mokvar’s conversation with Neeru in “Demon’s Bargain.”

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Collateral damage

4 Responses to Inside job

  1. That went too fast. I’m going to read it again in the morning realllly sloooow.

  2. Ritaba says:

    Wow. I’ve had to do sneaky stuff quite a bit, but Mokvar’s a natural.

  3. Alayea says:

    ((Sounds like we’ll be having an idea as to why Mokvar went from a friendly level 60 to a level 90 dirtbag.))

  4. Are you certain that Mokvar is not a rogue? He is just as sneaky as young Taoshi!


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