Getting around with the Shado-Pan


So, when last we left off, Ben-Lin had just…um…politely convinced me to lay off beating the monkey.

I can’t put my finger on it, but something about that is reminding me of a talking-to Greatmother gave me about 20 years ago.

Anyway, continuing on.


* That would be this occasion, even though this particular Zhi-Zhi wouldn’t remember it.



* Like here…or here.


Continued soon, or at least as “soon” as Gurtash can crank out some more of what happened. Gotta say, if nothing else, I’m starting to miss the time-efficiency of Mokvar’s transcripts. Oh well…

Shock the monkey
Spazzle Speaks: Charges from Dun Morogh

6 Responses to Getting around with the Shado-Pan

  1. Nivella says:

    Taran zhu reminds me of that earth online talking bear npc smokey. “Only YOU can prevent sha infestation.”

  2. Tandeleina says:

    I might never stop giggling at Taran Zhu’s beltbuckle.

  3. “So he’s kind of like your Tirion.” Got to say, that’s a pretty deft summation of Taran Zhu.


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