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* Zhi-Zhi has made reference to the “visions” shown to him by Elder Cloudfall ever since his earliest appearances in the blog, dating back the the alternate-timeline version of Zhi-Zhi whom Garrosh met all the way back here. Elder Cloudfall, for his part, eventually elaborated that these visions — which both he and Zhi-Zhi had seen — took place in one of a number of mysterious “vision caves.”


* Zhi-Zhi and Cloudfall’s description of the vision cave bears a striking resemblance to an experience Gurtash had deep underground in Krasarang Wilds, while he was briefly separated from Garrosh and the other DPS trainees.



* I’m pretty sure I don’t need to catch anyone up on this running joke, but…just in case, here. And here. Among other places.


* While Cloudfall never spelled out the details of his vision, he described Garrosh’s role as “the one who brings the peoples of the Horde together under a common cause” and “sets in motion the events that bring about the emergence of a new Horde.”



Kypari Zar: Prologue
Kypari Zar

14 Responses to Kypari Zar

  1. Big Bear Butt says:

    And here we go with the full out awesome.

  2. Cygnia says:

    …Blizzard, you could have done so much with your Garrosh…

    Then again, considering how keen Blizz is in pushing a certain lady mage off into a one dimensional abyss, I shouldn’t be at all surprised…

    • Cúchulainn says:

      Clearly, they’d rather just shove one Horde character down our throats as a paragon of virtue against the EEEEVIL Horde character of the week. First it was Vol’jin vs. Garrosh, then it was Durotan vs. Grommash and now it’s Sylvanas vs. Gul’dan.

      The latter is especially infuriating since it’s clear they’re going to just let her off the hook for everything she’s done. Christ.

      And you know what? If Blizzard put in half the effort into writing a good storyline they put into raid design and random pop culture references, they would be regularly making masterpieces of modern writing. But noooooooo…

      • Cygnia says:

        At this point I’m expecting Thrall to conveniently get over his elemental manpain JUST in time to gank Jaina in another cutscene during Legion.

        • Garrosh Hellscream says:

          ((I will bet you any amount of money that the shaman class quests will eventually send the player on a “mission”, in essence, to convince Thrall that he really is as awesome and perfect as Metzen thinks he is, and there’s no reason for him to be so down on himself because OMG awesome.))

          • Ritaba says:

            ((I mostly agree, except it would need to be convincing the elements. Thrall only admitted his faults after the elements got sick of his shit))

  3. Shen Wei Pureblossom says:

    ((Hoo boy. Strapped in and ready for the ride into awesometown! And it will be very awesome.))

  4. Suddenly I’m very nervous.

  5. khizzara says:

    Gurtash is so good at drawing facial expressions! I also have this feeling that Zhi-Zhi may know more than Elder Cloudfall about what’s going to happen… 🙁

  6. There is too much going on for me, first EO has its pre expansion patch and HS (do we have a blog version of Hearthstone?) has an expansion and now the Warchief is back to blogging. I just can’t handle the excitement.

    • Garrosh Hellscream says:

      ((No official Hearthstone equivalent established yet, but I’m open to possibilities! Though actually, pretty much any real-life game or sport could easily translate into either an EO mini-game or some kind of Hearthstone-ish spinoff…))


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